The Thousand Dollar LG Wing will be Available Exclusively on Verizon Starting October 15th

AT&T and T-Mobile versions will Release Later

A few days ago, LG revealed the LG Wing, an intricate device that is not afraid to spread its wings. LG Wing is not a foldable phone, its an artistic representation of a dual-screen phone. The initial reviews have been great, showing that this time around, LG’s software skin on top of Android 10 is keeping up with its hardware. LG even allowed Jerry Rig to take apart the phone, showing the elaborate design that allows the main display to swivel out, revealing the secondary screen. LG claims that the Wing can ‘open or close’ around 200,000 times (or more), which is enough for years.

The price and availability of the device for the US have finally been released. It will be exclusively available at Verizon retailers for $999 starting October 15th with pre-orders are set to begin October 1st. LG announced that the Wing would be available on AT&T and T-Mobile later. Verizon is also offering discounts on the device with its specific services, more on that here.

LG has equipped its Wing with the best of best except for the chipset, which then again does not matter. The Wing offers two displays; the 6.8-inch primary display swivels around and reveals a 3.9-inch secondary display. It features a Qualcomm 765 chip equipped with the 5G modem, 8GB memory, and 256GB of internal storage. The battery, however, is a cause of concern at only 4000 mAh since it needs to power two displays.

It is LG’s first entry in the illustrious $1000 range; while it has cool features up its sleeves, LG’s Mobile division has not been able to gather a respectable market share in years. Lastly, it is expected that the AT&T and T-Mobile versions will have a lower price tag.


Mohsin Naeem

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