The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 falls victim to the trend – might ditch the 3.5mm jack

Apple pioneering in the smartphone industry with removing the 3.5mm earphone jack has led to the influence of many other smartphone giants such as the Google Pixel, Huwaei, Lenovo, Nokia etc, except the South Korea based company, Samsung. The one consistent competitor that apple has had though all the years decided to stick by its decision of retaining the 3.5 mm earphone jack in all its devices. Apple idea of getting rid of the 3.5mm earphone jack is a there year old one. It took Samsung 3 years to finally consider the same for their devices.

Though nothing is officially confirmed, rumours from the inside supply chain claim that Samsung is looking into removing the earphone jack in its next year’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Either the Galaxy Note 10, or 2020’s flagship, Samsung Galaxy s11.

Intriguingly, the reason behind the drastic decision Samsung is taking is still unclear.
Though there are no confirmed sources to this information, here’s why its cost likely to be the case. Samsung’s launch of the Samsung earbuds is due next year. Removal of the earphone jack could possibly lead to increase in sales of these wireless audio products.
It is still obvious that most customers have mixed opinions on this proposition. On a recent poll taken online, 68% voters voted that they wouldn’t buy a phone without an earphone jack. Whereas 17% said that they would. The remaining 15% voted that they have the earphone jack but can live without it.

While all this sounds too overwhelming, there is a major plus that could come out of it. As the trend was seen in the one plus 6T, Samsung will have to increase its battery capacity if it decides to remove the headphone jack.

Regardless of the people’s votes, getting rid of the earphone jack is inevitable, and not much of a surprise as it was long time coming.
Samsung definitely deserves appreciation for holding on to the authenticity of a smartphone by retaining the earphone jack. Now, the definition of authenticity might change for Samsung in the near future. This was originally reported by PhoneArena, which you can read here.

Bijit Ghosh
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 falls victim to the trend – might ditch the 3.5mm jack

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