The Redesigned Microsoft Store Focuses on Performance, Ease of use and Safety

Xbox Insiders will get it as early as 5th August

A few weeks ago, screenshots from the redesigned Microsoft Store application codenamed ‘Mercury’ leaked online. The images showed that the new application focuses on overall fluidity and games. Now Microsoft has announced that the new application is coming to the Xbox Insiders (Beta) program. The subscribers of the program will get the store as early as 5th August with a gradual release to everyone by fall.

According to the blog post, it is not a new update that changes the UI/UX of the application; instead, they built the application from the ground up so that it is faster, safer, and easier to use. These are the fundamentals on which they have built the new application; keeping in mind the core function is to facilitate gaming.


The new application launches in only two seconds, and the browsing experience is now twice as fast. The game pages load in an instant, and you can see everything about the game ranging from available discounts, friends who play the game, and its trailers and screenshots on the same page.

Microsoft Store Gallery

Microsoft store now makes it easier to spot what you are looking for; whether you want to try the Game Pass or want to find a specific DLC, it’s all in one place. Finally, you can also turn on autoplay to seamlessly browse your favorite game while watching their trailers without even getting into the game page.


One of the fundamental goals of the new application is the ease of use. They have built a new navigation system that allows users to jump between sections in an instant rather than going deep into one section to find that specific game or movie. The search tool is also modified; it now has filters that narrow down your searches.

New navigation system

The Wish List makes a return with the new application, and it is even better. It can store games from all four generations of the Xbox. Moreover, it also notifies the user if any of the products (game, movie, or TV series) in the Wish List is on sale.


Lastly, Microsoft has tried to build content filtration on the Microsoft Store. One does not need to turn it on or off; instead, it works on the permissions system. If the content filters are set for an 8-year old, the content that is rated for teenagers or adults will not appear in the application store. On the other hand, if parents account is signed-in, then they can easily grant permission to certain games or movies. You will also see ratings from the product page all the way through the purchasing process so that you can make an informed decision.

Filtered content: requires permission.

Secondly, to ensure that you only see content catered to your liking and to preserve, privacy it is now imperative to sign-in before browsing the Microsoft Store.

Mohsin Naeem
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