The Outlast Trials Confirmed for Gamescom 2022

We got to see the last Outlast sometime in 2017, which was Outlast 2. Red Barrels went off the radar for quite a while till it finally announced that The Outlast Trials is coming to Gamescom 2022. The next entry in the franchise is well on its wa,y and fans are pretty hyped for the next iteration of the Outlast gam,e, and it’s safe to say that it looks terrifying. Let’s get right into today’s news.

The Outlast Trials is Coming to Gamescom 2022

Red Barrels’ terrifying The Outlast Trials game has been anticipated by fans for some time now. Five years is not a long time to wait for the next entry to a franchise, but the first iteration of the game being considered one of the most terrifying games of all time was released back in 2013. It sets the bar pretty high for The Outlast Trials. With that in mind, fans have been waiting for a true successor to the Outlast franchise for over 9 years.

Many fans are curious as to what direction the developer will take for the third instalment into the franchise. Since it was announced, there’s not a lot of information floating around, but we’ll get to check out some stuff pretty soon once Gamescom kicks off in Cologne, Germany.

Outlast 2 was a decent entry as a sequel to the first Outlast game, but it lacked the claustrophobic atmosphere and halls of the first Outlast game, which really shook things up a notch. In addition, we didn’t get a pursuer as menacing and scary as Chris Walker for the second iteration of the game, which was a bummer, but The Outlast Trials might just change that.

The Outlast Trials Gamescom 2022
Cover Art for Red Barrels’ The Outlast Trials | Red Barrels

Outlast 2 did have a rather interesting story if you looked into it, similar to what we saw in Outlast 1. We got to get our hands on letters and notes scattered throughout the game that gave us an interesting insight into the lore, which I quite enjoyed, but once you collect all the letters, the knowledge of the unknown takes away the fear of it, once the mysteries of the Outlast universe become known.

Despite this, the silence, the constant pursuit element and the atmosphere do tend to keep you on your toes or, to be more specific, on edge.

Geoff Keighley, the Canadian video game journalist quickly took to Twitter to reveal the upcoming The Outlast Trials. The cover art reveals a rather interesting character that is supposedly the new pursuer in the franchise. The character has a rather similar design to Leatherface dressed up as a wife in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hopefully, the creepy character will bring the intense and on-edge gameplay that Outlast 1 was most famous for.

It was in a recent post on Twitter where Red Barrels followed up to retweet Geoff Keighley’s post giving a nod that fans would take a brand new look at The Outlast Trials during Gamescom 2022. Things will take off during the Opening Night Live Event, which is scheduled to start next Tuesday at 8 PM CEST, 7 PM BEST, 2 PM ET and 11 AM PT.

What we’ll get to see at Gamescom is not certain this time around, but those that have been eagerly waiting for a long time will finally get to see some additional upcoming content for The Outlast Trials. So, fans of the game won’t have to wait all that long. It’s just a week away. It was in a PlayStation Blog post where Phillip Morin, co-founder of Red Barrels discussed what sets apart the title from the last two games:

“If the previous games could be compared to movies, The Outlast Trials is more like a TV Series. Your journey to freedom will be a long one.” This seems to imply some kind of episodic approach to the story, one that could continue post-launch, but it’s not certain. One thing is for sure though – the sequel is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 which helped to “test new ideas and iterate pretty quickly.”

What’s shady is that the game wasn’t announced for the PS5 at Gamescom 2022 but it will surely come to the platform, not that it doesn’t have the hardware for it. When asked about PS5 gameplay, Morin gave a really vague response. 

“We haven’t thoroughly investigated all these options, but we’re definitely excited by the possibilities. Hopefully, we’ll have more to announce soon.”

Even now, it’s unclear if The Outlast Trials is coming to the PS5. So far, it’s been confirmed for the PC and Xbox Series S | X platforms. The game still features a TBD for the platform section over at Red Barrels’ website.

Xbox also confirmed the plans for Gamescom 2022, which is expected to take place between August 23 and August 29, though the actual proper events will begin around August 25 at 10 AM CEST. Among other news, attendees coming in person to the Gamescom 2022 show will get to try their hands out on a number of upcoming titles such as Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires 4, and A Plague Tale: Requiem.

There will also be some virtual meet and greets for those that watch the show online. We’ll also get to enjoy some meet and greets for developers the likes of Obsidian Entertainment and Mojang, the developer of Minecraft.

As for what exactly Red Barrels is up to these days, they’ve only shown a bit of sneak peeks of The Outlast Trials. It was last month that the company revealed the new The Outlast Trials teaser as well as a full documentary in the works. Fans of the game will have to wait till more information about The Outlast Trials is released during Gamescom 2022.

While this is the third entry into the franchise, or the fourth if you’re counting the Whistleblower DLC for the first Outlast game, The Outlast Trials still seems to have the original gritty and dark Outlast look and aesthetic that made the original a hit among so many fans.

The studio is opting to adopt a slightly different direction this time around. The Outlast Trials is set to feature a multiplayer mode, where players will be able to help each survive the surviving experiments at Murkoff, set during the Cold War.

the outlast trials gamescom 2022
In-game screenshots of The Outlast Trials were revealed last year at Gamescom 2021 | Red Barrels

And with the multiplayer mode, I have a few gripes and so do other horror game developers, for that matter. So, will the game live up to the hype of the original Outlast or will it disappoint? Only time will tell when the game finally comes out.

But this approach seems a bit odd. Outlast is supposed to be a single-player game, and many survival horror game developers have noted that a single player roaming alone experiences isolation, and isolation creates real fear.

Having to face the dangers of the Mount Massive Asylum all alone and encountering jump-scares and pursuers the likes of Chris Walker and Richard Trager with no one to help is what solidified the terrifying survival horror experience of the original Outlast. We can’t seem to think if the game would be all that horrifying with friends around to help and support you as it does indeed create a space of an ounce of mental stability among players which horror games kick out the door.

But maybe, the horror aspect of the game is terrifying enough to balance out or even trump the option to include other players in the game. This is why you might need friends to play with in the first place.

Other Horror Games Coming To Gamescom 2022 Along With The Outlast Trials

The Dead Space Remake, on the other hand, is coming to Gamescom 2022 along with The Outlast Trials and staying true to its roots. There’s only a single-player mode. It was Dead Space that revolutionized survival horror with its lonely, isolated yet claustrophobic corridors and Outlast does seem to take inspiration from the classic horror game.

We’ll also get to see Scorn at Gamescom 2022, the upcoming first-person biopunk survival horror game being developed by Ebb Software, along with The Outlast Trials, for that matter.

Currently, there’s no official release window for The Outlast Trials outside of the fact that it is indeed coming this year. Hopefully, there won’t be any delays for the game since they happen at the last moment. Keeping our hopes high, more information will surface about The Outlast Trials during Gamescom 2022.

So, are you excited for The Outlast Trials that is coming to Gamescom 2022 or are you terrified? Will you try your hands at the game, or is it a hard pass? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye. This is Naseer signing out.


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