The New Amazon Echo Show 5 Provides The Same Functionality And User Experience At A Considerably Lower Price

Amazon has been working its way into our homes for years now. Their smart home devices are considered to be the best with Alexa as one of the best AI assistants around. They are paving their ways through your living rooms, drawing rooms and even Bathrooms too. If you hear someone talking to Alexa in the Bathroom, it may look strange, but Amazon is keen to make your home completely smart.

The voice interactions remain the key here, but Amazon is bringing their other services to their smart home devices. They are capitalizing their investments in the entertainment sector by attaching a touch screen display on top of their smart home speakers. By doing this, they can offer rich content from the Amazon prime to their users. First launched two years back they are now offering the cheaper version of the Amazon echo show 5.


The cutdown version not only offers the same features but also provides the same user experience on a lower scale, of course. The newly launched device has a 5.5-inch touch enabled display. The resolution of the screen is only 480p, which is disappointing at the least. The display can be used to watch Amazon prime content, news from their partners such as CNN, and it can be used to video call other owners of echo show 5.

The specifications show that they reduced every component so that they can cut down the costs, but at the same time, the functionality stays intact. The original echo show had two speakers while this one contains one a single speaker. Instead of four microphones on the front, there are two microphones on the top beside the buttons. The camera has also been cut down; it is only 1 MP now.


Amazon stays put on the privacy department, too; the physical shutter to block the camera is still there. They have also tweaked the software experience to make it more privacy-friendly. Amazon has announced the new Alexa privacy hub that lets you delete all of your data using a single voice command. They have also announced two additional commands that allow the user to remove the previous command or all commands of the day.

Price and availability

Coming to the most significant bit, the price of the echo show 5. The Amazon echo show 5 will only cost around $89.99, which is 60% less than the cost of the original echo show. Such a low price also makes the position of the echo sport (costs $130) questionable. According to XDA developers, they may discontinue the product, or they may offer it at a lower price. The former seems more plausible.

Lastly, they are also releasing echo show 5 in India. For the Indian market, they are offering local music through Hungama, JioSaavan, and Gaana apart from their usual services. The price for the Indian version is slightly higher at Rs 8,999 ($130) owing to the additional services.

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The New Amazon Echo Show 5 Provides The Same Functionality And User Experience At A Considerably Lower Price

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