The Medium On PlayStation 5 Will Take Advantage Of The DualSense Controller’s Many Features, As Showcased By Latest Trailer

As Bloober Team’s latest horror hit makes its way to Sony consoles this September, the developer details how many players can take advantage of the experience that will come with the DualSense controller.

Following its success earlier this year for the Xbox Series of consoles and on PC, Bloober Team will now bring its latest horror title, The Medium, to PlayStation 5 and its player base. The game will launch for Sony’s latest generation of consoles this September 3, where it is expected to take advantage of the powerful hardware, including Sony’s revolutionary controllers.

The announcement from Bloober Team included a brand-new overview trailer for The Medium, with this one specifically aimed at introducing the many features players can expect from the DualSense controller. Check out the DualSense overview trailer below for The Medium.

Next-gen controller for next-gen horror title

As detailed in the video, the DualSense controller will bring a new layer of immersion to The Medium thanks to the controller’s many features. The Medium sees you playing as Marianne, a powerful medium who delves into the mystery of the Niwa Hotel. The first DualSense feature that The Medium will take advantage of is the controller’s adaptive triggers; Marianne has an ability called the Spirit Blast, which is a powerful discharge of spiritual energy. This ability can be charged, and the controller notifies you of this as it lessens the resistance on the triggers as you do so.

Haptic feedback is another feature that The Medium will use in conjunction with the DualSense controller, and this was also highlighted in the overview trailer. As Marianne uses her energy to create a Spirit Shield around herself, a swarm of moths attack her. Players will be able to feel a rapid tapping from the advanced motors within the DualSense controller as that happens, creating a deeper sense of immersion.

The haptic feedback also creates next-level tension within situations where Marianne is in danger. As she hides from some of the more dangerous enemies in the game, she can hold her breath to avoid alerting nearby enemies. Holding her breath longer will accelerate the pulsing within the DualSense controller.

The touch and motion controls were also taken into account for The Medium. There are investigative moments in the game where you need to look for clues within some interesting items. You can use the DualSense touch pad for a more tactile experience in rotating these objects in order to find the clues. Likewise, some areas can be searched for clues from a first-person perspective; the DualSense’s motion controls are useful in this regard, allowing you to aim with gyro to find what you’re looking for.

The sound and light bar are also used extensively, particularly in areas where Marianne needs to traverse a location that requires tools. The tools’ sounds would come directly from the speaker, making it as if you’re actually holding the tool in your hand at the same exact moment. The light bar, on the other hand, will keep imitating Marianne’s flashlight in the game. The flashlight’s use in the game is an early warning device – it will start to blink if there are monsters nearby.

Pre-orders for The Medium are now live via the PlayStation Store for $49.99. PlayStation Plus members can also enjoy a 10 percent discount for the game before its launch. Pre-order bonuses include the digital Original Soundtrack featuring music by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski, and The Art of The Medium digital artbook.

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