The Latest Pre-release Software Build of Xbox One Shows Software Integration That Microsoft Aims to Build

The share button on the Series X controller will be remappable

The upcoming Xbox Series X console will ship with a revised controller that has a dedicated share button. Microsoft has mastered the ergonomics and feel of the controllers with the Xbox One controller; additionally, the Elite controller remains unrivaled at the professional level. The new dedicated share button is the last piece of the puzzle. The functionality of the button will probably be similar to its counterparts found on the DualShock 4 and Switch controllers, which means one-tap access to screenshots, video clips, and sharing features.

However, the latest pre-release build of the Xbox One software shows that Microsoft will allow users to remap the button according to their needs. Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox One consoles and Xbox Series X will share the same software, and the latest software build hints at the software integration that Microsoft aims to build. On the other side, Sony has revealed that the PS5 will support its own software build from the ground and will have its own quirks and features.

Option to remap the share button

The ‘Capture and Share’ menu will allow users to remap the share button to the Xbox Accessories system application. At the moment, it seems binding, but the fact that the button is remappable shows that Microsoft will provide additional options in the future.

It also confirms that the Series X controller will work with your Xbox One consoles. Microsoft is expected to reveal the new platform details during its upcoming August live event, which is a part of its 20/20 events series. We may also get an in-depth look into the features and services that will be released with the Xbox Series X consoles.

Lastly, Xbox One consoles will support all of these features.

Mohsin Naeem
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