The Forest, horror survival game, leaves early access after four years

v1.0 live now

The Forest is a survival game developed by Endnight Games. It was originally released on Steam Early Access in May 2014.

The Forest stands out as a survival game due to it’s unique premise. Instead of the generic zombie survival scenario, this game puts the player on an island inhabited by cannibal mutants. The game features elements of generic survival games like scavenging resources during the day and hunkering down in your base to survive the night.

Yesterday, after spending four years in early access, The Forest v1.0 was released. The patch notes have been published on the developers’ website. A VR version of the game will be released on May 22nd for all owners of The Forest. The VR version will feature enhanced UI, motion controls for tree chopping and a HUD on an in-game smart watch.


The Forest has come a long way since its first build. Regular updates and bug fixes have kept this above water for four years. The v1.0 update brings with it a number of additions and changes. The developers said in a blog post,

“This version of the game adds a bunch of new stuff, from a craftable warmsuit, significant re-work of the endgame and a new alternate ending. Along with this there is a ton of cave re-work and polish and many many improvements and fixes.”

“There is a lot we still want to do, and plan on heavily supporting the game moving forward. Some other big items we hope to implement soon are proper cheat controls in multiplayer and fixes to the issues that will likely come up in this release.”

Over the years, The Forest has had many optimizations and graphical updates. If you faced difficulties running the game before, you should be getting better performance now. If you have not yet played the game, we recommend you to try it out. The full version of the game is available on Steam for $20 USD.

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The Forest, horror survival game, leaves early access after four years

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