The Division 2 Warlords of New York Release Times And Update Size Revealed

As The Division 2 heads into its second year of content, developer Ubisoft has unveiled plans for a new DLC. The upcoming Warlords of New York expansion pack will take players to the iconic U.S. city starting next week.

Ubisoft notes that Warlords of New York will go live alongside title update 8 on March 2nd on PC and March 3rd on consoles. Following a 2.5 hour maintenance period on Monday, PC players worldwide will be able to access the content update. Console users will receive the same update the following day on March 3rd.

As for the update size, PlayStation 4 users will face the heftiest download size. Ubisoft claims that a fresh digital install will require you to download around 115 GB, and a 14 GB update for those who are up to date on patches. Xbox One users who have title update 7 already installed will also need to download 60 GB update.

After the patch goes live, PC users going for a fresh digital or disc install will need to download around 60 GB. Players who are already up to date can cut that down to around 42 GB.¬†Unfortunately, there won’t be any pre-loading like many players expected.

If you’ve been thinking about picking it up, The Division 2 will be free to play for the weekend. In addition, Ubisoft has slashed the price for the base game down to $3. This version doesn’t include the Warlords of New York; for that you will need to purchase the DLC for $30.

Pre-orders for the DLC are currently live on Xbox One and PC via the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Purchasing the expansion before April 3rd will entitle buyers to bonuses such as a unique Enforcer Shotgun, New York City-themed police cosmetics, and a level boost. The last one will be especially helpful since the new DLC raises the game’s level cap to 40.

Farhan Ali
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