The Culling 2 facing negative reviews and low player count days after release

The first Culling was one of the first battle royale games that went big. It was well received early on but after a few months, the game began dying as a result of unwanted changes and additions. Subsequently, the developers shut down all production on the game. Even though many considered the game a failure, developer Xaviant launched the sequel to The Culling last week. Not even a week after release, the player count of The Culling 2 is extremely low, and the game is getting hammered with negative reviews.

Low Player Count

According to Steam Charts, the all-time peak of The Culling 2 is 249 players. That is an exceptionally low number, especially for a game that launched a few days ago. The 24 hour peak is three players and, at the time of writing, a whopping two players have played The Culling 2 in the past hour. When these statistics are compared with the first game, which had an all-time peak of over twelve thousand players, its clear that The Culling 2 is having a rough launch.

Negative Reviews

The Steam reviews of the game are not a pleasant sight either. 13% of the total 155 reviews are negative, giving it a “very negative” tag. Most players who left a review total less than one hour of playtime. Even the people who wrote positive reviews have very few hours, which is most likely because there aren’t enough players to start a match.

In response to the events, Xaviant responded on Twitter, “It’s time for us here at Xaviant to come together for some much needed soul searching and to have some admittedly difficult discussions about the future of our studio. We’ll talk soon.”

While the game is on a downward spiral, it seems that the developers are not sure as to what needs to be done. It will be interesting to see whether the developers continue fighting to keep this game alive, or let it go like the first one.


Farhan Ali
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The Culling 2 facing negative reviews and low player count days after release

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