The Blightfather Boss Added to the Graveyard in Black Ops 4 Blackout

As part of a new event that launched today, a new boss has been added to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta. A powerful boss from the upcoming Zombies game mode, the Blightfather boss will now spawn in Blackout battle royale. Today’s update to the beta adds a ‘Redeploy’ feature and addresses performance issues on PC.

Blightfather Boss

The Blightfather event is available globally and replaces the Close Quarters Frenzy playlist. The Blightfather boss is a new type of enemy that spawns in the Graveyard located south of Asylum. This strong and terrifying monster is tough to kill, and even more challenging when other players are in the vicinity.

Blightfather Boss
By Kco2010Kade

During combat, the Blightfather moves swiftly and is capable of using ranged attacks. This monster will throw yellow blobs of acid that can deal up to 100 damage, even with armor equipped. The projectile, however, travels slowly and is easily avoidable thanks to the abundance of cover in the form of gravestones and mausoleums. As long as you move quickly and stay vigilant, you should have no problem dodging the ranged attacks. Once the Blightfather has taken enough damage, it will explode into a plume of blood, leaving behind nothing but entrails.

With the Day 7 update to Blackout, a redeploy feature has been added. At the end of a game, players can now queue straight into another game without needing to return to the lobby. Treyarch also clarified the mechanics of the Mystery Box, in both the beta and the launch version of the game. In the Blackout beta, a blue column of light emits from a zombie infested location. Once the last zombie in the area has been killed, the next box will spawn. In the final game, the Mystery Box will be locked at spawn, and will be unlocked once the last zombie in the area has been killed.

Throughout the beta phase, Treyarch continues to investigate and track crashes, technical and performance issues associated with the PC version of Blackout. The Blackout beta is available now and runs until September 17th, 10AM PST.

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The Blightfather Boss Added to the Graveyard in Black Ops 4 Blackout

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