The Best Shows on Amazon to Binge Watch in 2020

While many would say that Amazon Prime is the David when you are looking at the David and Goliath story and comparing it with Netflix, there is no denying that the streaming service has some of the finest shows that you can watch on it and that too, without any issues, whatsoever. If you are someone who likes to binge, the good news is that Amazon Prime has you covered, especially with winters upon us, you can grab a cup of your favourite warm beverage and binge away.

However, with the catalogue growing ever so slightly, the main question that one wants to ask is just what show should be watched on Amazon Prime and what show should you avoid. That is why in order to assist you even better, we are bringing you the list of the best shows you could binge on Amazon Prime this very moment. We have made sure to include some of the recent ones, as well as some of the older ones for your convenience.

1. The Boys

Have you ever wondered what would happen if superheroes go rogue and take a turn for the worst? No? Good, because that is exactly what this show is about. The Boys perfectly portraits the dark side of heroism and the fame that comes with it, and boy, does it look like a solid TV show. Based on the comic series by the same name, The Boys is bloody, brutal, and filled with a lot of F bombs, as well.

The show is acted perfectly with an impressive ensemble of Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr, and many other familiar faces. If you are looking for a bloody binge-watch, the show is definitely one of the best Amazon originals that you can watch. What is even better is that the show’s second season is just around the corner, so you definitely have yourself covered.

Word of caution, though. The show is extremely addictive.

2. Fleabag

Fleabag is another Amazon original which will become one of your favourites from day 1. The story is about the emotional journey of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is playing the role of a young funny woman and how she manages the loss of the two people she loved the most, including her mother and the best friend.

While she keeps her exterior to be strong as it possibly could be, it is seen deteriorating as the series bring a new chapter with every episode, showing how Phoebe’s relationships are leading her towards a breakdown and making her realize how lonely she has become while she tries to become better emotionally without taking anybody’s help and refuses to take their aid even if offered. While the rest of the cast for Fleabag is much appreciable, but Waller-Bridges role is what you are going to enjoy the most. So go ahead and enjoy all-new episodes on Amazon Prime.

Another impressive thing about this show is that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is also the person who wrote it and created it for the television.

3. Good Omens

What do you get when you combine the brilliance of David Tenant and Michael Sheen and make them play Crowley and Aziraphale respectively in a dark comedy about the end of the world? You get Good Omens. Considered as one of the most critically acclaimed shows that you can watch on your Amazon Prime, Good Omens is one of the best shows that you could watch, and while it only has one season available for streaming at the moment, we are sure there is going to be another season.

The reason why this show is being included in the list is rather simple; it is quirky, full of amazing comedy and set pieces, as well as some amazing cast choices like Jon Hamm known best for Mad Men.

4. The Night Manager

Although a fairly old mini-series, this simply flew under the radar for most people, which honestly surprised the best of us. However, if you are looking for a thrilling show that keeps you on the edge of the show then The Night Manager is definitely one of the best shows available for streaming at the moment.

Boasting an impressive ensemble of Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Coleman, Tom Hollander, and Elizabeth Debicki, The Night Manager is the show you would not want to miss. This is also the show that proves why Tom Hiddleston will become the perfect James Bond after David Craig exits his role.

This is the show you do not want to miss out on.

5. Preacher

The last TV show that we are including on our list is also one of the most watched TV shows that you can look at on Amazon Prime. For the simplest reason that it has 6 seasons and although the show has finished, this only makes it the perfect reason for anyone to binge watch. However, that is not all. The show stars an impressive cast of Dominic Cooper, Ruth Nega, Joe Gilgun, and Graham McTavish.

The one thing that I can assure you is that PReacher is a show that you absolutely do not want to miss out on because of just how amazing it is. If you are a fan of fantasy TV shows, but you also prefer dark humour and a lot of biblical references, this is the show you want to watch. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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The Best Shows on Amazon to Binge Watch in 2020

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