The Best Problem Solving Games for Kids

Gadgets are popularly used not only amongst the adults, but the children as well, are prone to getting addicted to these devices. While all they ever want to do on an iPad is to play games, why not turn their screen time into a learning time without letting them know?

Parents will be happy to read the list of games that can be downloaded, or can be played online for children which will not only keep them busy in playing, but will also make them learn so much through these games. Learning is always more fun when it is done in a creative way. And what could be more creative than using technology for these little monsters.

Problem solving is seen as one of the most important areas where the children need to be taught how to solve a problematic situation, whether it is mathematics, other subjects or real life. Giving them an environment, or games that could help them polish this area of expertise could be very beneficial for them in the future.

Here is a list of some amazing Problem Solving Games, applications and websites for Kids which can be accessed by you to help your child brush their problem solving skills.

1. Brainden

The best ways of making the mind work, is to make your brain used to solving puzzles and riddles. Puzzles and riddles help you think of scenarios, go out of the box and find solutions for a certain brain teaser. This could be a great way for your kid to start expanding their way of thinking, and start solving these problems with all the knowledge that they have.

When you open this website to the puzzles and riddles link, you will notice a list of riddles to be solved by your child. It has a very appealing interior, which will keep the kid engrossed and would make them want to find a solution for the question that they are looking at on the screen.I just read a few of the brain teasers and I think adults are going to love these games as much as the children.

Problem Solving in a Fun way

2. Knowledge Adventure

For all the parents who don’t want to buy an app for their androids or iPhones, might want to check another website out where you would find a huge variety of educational and problem solving games. You might want to keep your browsers flash player activated as this would require that.

Long List of Educational Games.

Choose from the list of online educational games. If you take a closer look at the website, you can choose a category by the age of your child, you can pick a certain subject and you can also pick the grade your child is in so that they get games accordingly.

Now for the parents who want specific games to be installed on their device, especially for the apple users, whether its your iPad or iPhone, the following two are very good problem solving and coding games, respectively, which can be played by your child.

3. Code Monster

You might wonder how can a 9 year old, or a little older kid, do coding? Isn’t it tough? Well, this website makes coding easier for children and helps them learn how to code in a fun and easy way. They can sort their way out of coding through the easy to use this amazing website which has a Coding monster who helps the kid through the process teaching them how to code. The kids will absolutely enjoy creating things on their own, which might be something new to them or something that they have never tried. Check out the website as it looks super cute for kids.

Coding for Kids
Learning Different aspects of Coding

4. Math Blaster

Nothing beats problem-solving as math does. Mathematics always keeps the mind pretty occupied when you are solving a certain equation. The children need this in their life right now as they are at a growing stage. If you tell them they need to study, they would probably get bored and not show any interest in learning. But games like Math Blaster can actually help them stay interested and seriously engrossed in a game which is actually helping them solve mathematical problems and helping them win the game.

Mathblaster Homepage
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The Best Problem Solving Games for Kids

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