The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition Can Be Easily Repaired But Upgrades Are Still Difficult Indicate iFixit Teardown Of the High-End Professional Desktop

The latest Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition Desktop has been in the news for its premium specifications and top-end hardware. The latest news about the high-end desktop indicates it can be repaired rather easily. However, even minor upgrades can be difficult or expensive. The iFixit teardown of the latest Mac Pro has revealed some interesting and some concerning aspects of the powerful desktop computer from Apple.

After the rather disturbing revelation about the repairability and upgradability of Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop, the company has apparently revised its outlook, and perhaps understood the importance of allowing users to repair their own devices. The iFixit team disassembled the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition desktop and discovered that Apple has indeed made some revision to its assembly and hardware component choice and installation methods.

The Latest Apple Mac Pro Desktop Scores 9 Out Of 10 On iFixit Reparability Index But Concerns About Upgradability Remain:

The top-end variant of the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition desktop, with all the optional factory upgrades, costs more than $50,000. Hence it is quite logical that serious buyers who purchase the desktop would want to keep it running well for a long time. Perhaps understanding the same, Apple appears to have ensured the PC is easy to repair.

Although minor upgrades are easy to execute, some of the most common ones are still difficult, complex, and expensive. Still, the latest Apple desktop computer is quite easy to open, and several tasks can be completed even without needing any tools. Due to this simplicity of design and assembly practices, the Mac Pro managed to score 9 out of 10 on the repairability scale. The teardown experts who worked on the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition desktop have offered a brief summary about the salient points:

  • The opening procedure couldn’t be easier.
  • Basic repairs and upgrades can be performed with standard tools or even no tools at all.
  • Major components are highly modular and use industry-standard sockets and interfaces, making replacements and upgrades a snap.
  • Apple provides some step numbers and diagrams right on the device and publishes free repair manuals for some repairs to help you get it right.

Although the abovementioned aspects make Apple Mac Pro an attractive buy, there are still a few aspects that Apple has deliberately kept complicated. This not only makes upgrades using aftermarket components or third-party hardware difficult, but repairs are often exorbitantly costly.

One of the most troubling aspects of the latest Apple Mac Pro desktop computer is the Sold State Drive or SSD. Apple has used SSD cards within the Mac Pro. Interestingly, these SSD cards are modular. This means swapping them out is quite easy and effortless. However, the SSD cards are custom-made by Apple. This means users who wish to upgrade or replace storage will have to buy Apple-made SSD cards.

Additionally, if Apple Mac Pro desktop users need a replacement part that’s not on Apple’s limited list of approved repairs, they will have to pay an exorbitant price. Moreover, searching for and finding parts that aren’t part of the list is excessively difficult. Simply put, apart from some minor repairs, users will have to rely on Apple Warranty and authorized service centers to repair their Mac Pro 2019 edition desktops.

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The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Edition Can Be Easily Repaired But Upgrades Are Still Difficult Indicate iFixit Teardown Of the High-End Professional Desktop

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