The 5 Best Soundbars Under $300 to Buy in 2021

Modern television sets have really outdone themselves in terms of producing video quality but unfortunately, the same cannot be said about their quality of sound. Which has led many to seek an alternative way to boost the sound quality. As it happens soundbars present the perfect means to achieve this. Their slim but long exterior design allows them to house more sound drivers and still fit perfectly next to the TV or mounted on the wall. Another great thing about the soundbars is that they are not limited to your TV. Thanks to their wireless connectivity you can link them to your smartphone or laptop and enjoy streaming audio in an enhanced manner.

There are so many soundbars you can choose from but to save you all that work, we have reviewed 5 of the best that will not cost you more than $300. This is because we feel that at this value you should be able to get a superb soundbar that will provide value for your money. You will actually find that they provide the same kind of quality as the more priced ones.

1. Pyle PSBV200 3D

Dolby 5.1 Support


  • 3D Dolby 5.1
  • Robust bass
  • Crisp treble
  • 3D Virtual surround processor


  • Weak midrange

2,381 Reviews

Output level: 300W | Sub-Woofer: Built-in | Wired-Connection: RCA & Aux audio jacks | Bluetooth: Yes

For the longest time, Pyle has been popular in making car audio system. However, they have expanded into the home audio sector and are actually doing a great job at it as you will witness with their PSBV200 soundbar. It comes with a complete 3D Dolby surround system with 5 subwoofers for a crystallized sound.

The enclosure is ported to boost the bass. The number of options available to play music on this soundbar is impressive. On top of streaming music and videos directly from your phone or laptop via Bluetooth, you will also be able to play mp3 files by plugging in your USB flash drive or SD memory card reader. And that’s not all it also features a radio mode with 30 station memory.

Connecting cables included with the soundbar include a 3.5mm aux jack and a pair of RCA audio input jacks. The LCD display is a great inclusion through which you can observe as you change through various modes or adjust the volume.

If you are looking to convert your TV to a home theatre system, then the Vizio SB3821-C6 will do well by you. The 3D Dolby digital processing is without question the highlight of the speaker that is set to give your soundbar a virtual surround sound for the best movie experience.

2. AmazonBasics Soundbar

Ease Of Use


  • 3 Sound modes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wide wireless connection range
  • Easy setup process


  • Not great exterior design

1,642 Reviews

Output level: 36W | Sub-Woofer: Built-in | Wired-Connection: Aux, RCA & Optical | Bluetooth: Yes

AmazonBasics is not a new name. They are associated with various products ranging from batteries to patio heaters and now you can boost your audio quality with their 35.1-inch soundbar. The AmazonBasics 2.1 soundbar comes with two drivers and a built-in subwoofer to give you an excellent reproduction of the mid, low and high frequencies up to 92dB. It has Bluetooth support that allows you to play media from your phone or laptop directly to the speaker.

The supported range is about 10 meters. This soundbar allows you to choose from 3 sound modes depending on what you are listening to. These are the Standard mode for normal TV programs, News mode for more intelligible dialogue, and Movie mode for optimum results in movies and gaming. Switching between modes will be pretty easy since this soundbar comes with remote control.

The speaker can be easily mounted on the tv table or on the wall and the mounting hardware is included in the package. External connectors included in the package comprise of an auxiliary cable, RCA and optical audio cables.

This speaker does not really match up to most of the other speakers we are reviewing but it’s definitely a better alternative to your TV speaker. It’s also pretty inexpensive that it’s hard to complain about its performance.

3. Tao Tronics Soundbar

Low Price


  • 4 speakers
  • Great bass
  • LED Lights
  • Great aesthetics
  • Effective Bluetooth connection


  • Lacks internal sound customization

Output level: 40W | Sub-Woofer: N/A | Wired-Connection: RCA & Optical jacks | Bluetooth: Yes

This 36-inch soundbar by Tao Tronics is another great choice to convert your TV to a home theatre system. It comes with 4 speakers two of which are for reproducing the full range frequencies.

The remaining two are dedicated to the low frequencies resulting to a boosted bass effect. This soundbar comes with control buttons on its surface but you can still adjust various settings using the remote control. It also features an LED light that will flicker in different colours to indicate the mode that the speaker is currently on.

You can connect your audio sources both wirelessly via Bluetooth or through wired connections. The RCA and Optical cables come with the package together with the mounting hardware.

The ultra-slim and sleek exterior design will compliment your screen perfectly to give your house an elegant look. The setup process is pretty simple that you don’t actually need a manual.

This is a great combination of great performance and a fair price. While it’s not going to produce cinema-quality sound, it will result in a huge difference from the standard Tv speakers thanks to the elongated design that allows room for more speakers.

The on-bar controls are self-explanatory and will allow you to change different settings in case you do not have access to the remote. Unfortunately, this soundbar does not feature internal sound customization options which means you can only change the bass and treble levels from the sound source.

Pairing this soundbar with other devices via Bluetooth is also surprisingly effective. Analog sources, can be connected through the auxiliary input, RCA or optical cables.

This soundbar from Tao Tronics will be a great way to achieve a full-bodied sound on your home theatre system. The 40-watt output should be enough to comfortably fill your living room and enhance your listening experience and all this without taking much of your space.

4. Bose Solo 5

High Performance


  • Compact size
  • Universal remote control
  • Automatic power system
  • Dialogue mode
  • LED lights
  • Auto-wake feature


  • No mount hardware

16,645 Reviews

Output level: 30W | Sub-Woofer: Built-in | Wired-Connection: Aux, RCA & Optical | Bluetooth: Yes

This great-looking speaker is not going to disappoint when it comes to improving the sound quality in your home. One of the most notable features is the Dialogue mode that projects words in a more defined manner to enable catch everything.

You will be able to connect your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or corded through Coaxial and Optical cables. If your television is analogue then the 3.5mm auxiliary jack will do. Another mentionable feature is the inclusion of a universal remote that will not only control your soundbar but also your TV, Blu-Ray device or any other infra-red device. It does not have any on-bar controls and all settings can thus only be set using the remote. What’s better is that you can adjust the bass levels directly on your soundbar.

The Bose Solo 5 features two LED lights that change colour to alert you when certain features are enabled and also blink to indicate when you alter the volume. The two drivers on this soundbar are centrally placed and angled out in order to provide a wider sound field.

The auto-wake-up feature enables the soundbar to switch on immediately it detects a sound signal and will also turn off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

On the downside, the mounting hardware and coaxial cable are not included in the package and you will have to pay slightly more in order to get them.

This soundbar will be good for you for two main reasons. It greatly enhances your sound quality and looks great while at it. Yes, the aesthetic part is important too. The various neat features will also make for great user experience with the Solo 5.

5. Yamaha YAS-107BL

Mobile Support


  • Great performance
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile app control
  • Includes DTS Virtual: X
  • HDMI Support
  • Subwoofer output


  • Status lights not very visible

886 Reviews

Output level: 120W | Sub-Woofer: Dual Built-in | Wired-Connection: HDMI, optical & Aux cables | Bluetooth: Yes

Get ready for the World’s first soundbar to support DTS Virtual:X for a true surround sound experience. The dual built-in subwoofers will see to it that your TV and Music listening experience is outstanding. The ultra-slim design allows it to fit discreetly in front of your TV.

Alternatively, you will be able to easily mount it on the wall. The set-up process is pretty easy as all you have to do is connect your TV through the HDMI, optical cable or the Aux. It also has Bluetooth capabilities that will allow you to effortlessly stream audio from your phone, Amazon Echo or Echo dot.  The highlight of the YAS-107BL is perhaps the addition of a third control option apart from the usually remote and on-bar keys.

This comes in the form of a downloadable app for both Android and Ios users which actually gives you more access than the remote control.

For an unmatched bass, the YAS-107 comes with a unique bass reflex system and base-extension processing and in case it’s not enough you can still add another powered subwoofer through the subwoofer output.

This soundbar is a combination of excellent features that work towards providing excellent sound in the most convenient way. The HDMI and app control are welcome additions that really set it apart from other soundbars.

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