The 5 Best PS4 Exclusive Games that are a Must-Own for Every Gamer

Sony’s Play Station is, without doubt, the most popular console and you know why? It’s not because it was the first to be made and it’s definitely not because it’s cheaper than the others. The console’s huge popularity can be attributed to one thing. It’s the game library.

I am not talking about the general games that are available for all platforms. Rather, the PS4 exclusive games. I mean, the main reason I bought PS4 was that I would not have been able to play God of War otherwise. Yes, I just gave you my favorite PS4 exclusive game.

And in this post, we will be exploring some of the other games that are only available for PS4 that will make you reconsider your console of choice. So then, let’s get to it.

1. God of War

God of War has always been an epic action game but developers have revolutionized it in the new PS4 version. As usual, you play as the Greek Demigod known as Kratos.

However, unlike the past where Kratos has always been portrayed as an emotionless Spartan warrior, this new installment introduces us to his human side by pairing him with his son Atreus. Now you get to see him as a father bonding with his son which brings some emotion into a game that has always been about action.

God of War

Speaking of which the action in the game is as fiery as ever. It uses a dynamic combat system which means the battles start simply when you begin playing but quickly transition to fiery as you get adjusted into the gameplay. The game has also adopted over-the-shoulder third-person gameplay which gives more fluidity to the action scenes.

Also in a new twist, Kratos no longer favors the double-sided sword as his weapon of choice. Instead, he uses the Leviathan ax that has a magical aspect to it. You can call it back into your hands after throwing it. I call it the boomerang axe.

The new God of War game also takes a break from the Greek mythology which I would say was getting a little linear. Instead, it casts you into the stunning realm of Norse mythology complete with new monsters. And then to close it all off we have the game graphics. They are amazing and you get the feeling that the console’s hardware is being properly utilized.

Developer:  Santa Monica Studio
Publisher:  Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Release Date: April 2018

2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted the lost legacy was first intended to be a DLC but it ended up being released as a standalone game. We don’t know the real reason for this but based on the success of the game we can say it was the right decision. And sadly, it might be the last installment of the very popular Uncharted series.

There are no major changes in the gameplay but the plot takes a drastic change with the elimination of Nathan Drake who has been the main protagonist in all the other games in the series. Instead, the game follows Chloe Frazer a fortune hunter on a quest to find the Tusk of Ganesh in India. Followers of the game series may already know her since she has played as a supporting character since Uncharted 2.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Chloe will be joined by Nadine Ross who played as the secondary antagonist in the preceding game and thus as you may expect, there will be some animosity between the two as they begin working together. But this will also be an important part of the storyline as the two players start building a relationship until they finally achieve a certain level of chemistry that will be key in the success of their mission.

The action is not epic but it is satisfying. This should not worry you since the real fun comes in solving the various puzzles to proceed through the game. I also think that the beautiful game environment, to an extent compensates for the underdeveloped action scenes. The game locations in the lost legacy are probably the best in all the Uncharted series.

Moreover, the fact that Chloe has Indian roots makes her connected to the treasure she is hunting which gives more meaning to her quest. With about 8 hours extendable to 12 hours through the side missions, this game may come off as a bit short. But it’s understandable considering it was meant to be a DLC.

Developer:  Naughty Dog
Publisher:  Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Release Date: August 2017

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is the first installment in what has the potential to be one of the greatest game series. The fact that it has no preceding game to be compared with has not stopped critics from comparing it with other action role-playing games like The Witcher.

This is completely unfair but still, Horizon Zero Dawn manages to hold down its own. In fact, this game stands as the best-selling PS4 exclusive game. Yes, it has even outdone God of War.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world several years after a cataclysmic event ended modern civilization. This event saw a shift in life dynamics and now the world is overrun by robotic beasts that reign supreme over humans. Think ‘The Transformers’ but bigger and dinosaur-like.

Horizon Zero Dawn

You will be playing Aloy, an orphan who was cast out of the Nora tribe and forced to live with her adopted father. Now she is grown and sets out on a path to discover her past in which she will have to fight off hostile humans and defeat the monstrous machines.

One of the most captivating things about this game is its storyline. As you progress through the game you will learn a lot of things including why the world ended. The character progression has also been impressively mapped out and you will have the most fun building Aloy into a skilled hunter and ultimately creating the new civilization.

I should say that the developers of this game, Guerrilla Games, also did an awesome job coming up with the game environment. The way they blend futuristic machines into a world that seems to be existing in the stone Age is recommendable.  And the fact that this is their first attempt in creating this kind of a game having previously focused on FPS shooters means there is so much more to expect moving forward.

Developer:  Guerrilla Games
Publisher:  Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Release Date: February 2017

4. The Last of Us: Remastered

Would this list be even complete without mentioning The Last of Us? This game together with GTA V marked the perfect ending to the PS3 era and one could easily argue they were well ahead of their time. It is, therefore, not surprising that they were both rebooted as PS4 games.

The Last of Us: Remastered

It has already been 5 years and yet The Last of Us stills maintains its name as one of the best PS4 exclusive games of all time. Something that could hold even for more years to come when you consider that 2019 maybe the year that they finally release the highly anticipated sequel, The Last of Us Part II.

This remastered PS4 edition is much like the original release but now with revamped visuals and gameplay. The game can now be rendered at 60 FPS and has a maximum resolution of 1080p. It is set in the post-apocalyptic USA where a deadly fungus has wiped out most humanity.

You will be playing Joel a character haunted by his past demons charged with escorting a teenage girl, Ellie, to an underground movement called Fireflies. Ellie is resistant to the fungus and could be the key to coming up with a cure.

The combat aside, one thing that really stands out with this game is the storyline. The developers have managed to keep it consistently engaging so that you won’t have one dull moment throughout the play.

The Last of Us is not one of those games that you bamboozle your way to the end through gun power. Instead, you will have to rely largely on stealth and stay undetected for as long as possible. And in those occasions that you do get detected, get ready for really brutal and intense fights.

Also, the way the developers of this game manage to bring the characters to life is commendable. The voiceovers have been perfectly executed and the animation is equally brilliant. Joe may not be the most likable person but you still feel his passion even with the way he takes down the assailants.

The last of Us: Remastered edition comes with additional map packs like the Abandoned Territories map and also includes the Left Behind DLC. I have heard many games being referred to as a masterpiece but if there is one that truly deserves it, then it would be The Last of Us.

Developer:  Naughty Dog
Publisher:  Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: July 2014

5. Bloodborne

Are you ready for some goth and gore? Fair warning, Bloodborne is not for the faint of heart and not just because it is graphic but also because of the steep learning curve involved before you can master it. But this is what makes every conquest in the game all the more pleasing.

The game casts you as a hunter who is charged with investigating the source of a plague that has infected the citizens of the Yharnam city and helps to stop it.

The developers of this game, From software, are no strangers in the creation of grueling video games. They brought us, Souls, on PS3 and now we have Bloodborne on PS4. It takes the same approach as the souls game but at a faster pace.


The battles with the monsters are intense and will require a certain level of skill that you can only master with practice. So be ready to die more than a few times in the game. Attacks are constant and continuous which means you never get a moment of rest in the game. Even when one enemy has been defeated you are always worried that another one is lurking in the next corner.

It’s been 4 years since bloodborne was released but it still beats most of the recently released games and sits as one of the best PS4 exclusives you could own. There have been whispers insinuating a second installment so we can only hope.

Developer:  From Software
Publisher:  Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: March 2015

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