The 5 Best MVK Players

Nobody likes watching movies or videos on a computer with a media player which does not give the best possible services. Here is a list of the best MVK players for 2019 according to my opinion. You can download any of these and enjoy watching videos on your computer or laptop  uninterrupted.

1. CyberLink Power DVD

CyberLink is a big brand name in itself, and using a product like Power DVD, adds all the value tot he services that it will offer its consumers. Here is why you might want to use CyberLink Power Dvd as your media player:

  • It offers a 30 day free trial, which could help the consumers look at what they will be paying for.
  • It has a variety of three plans which users can choose from.
  • Can play a huge number of formats. Makes it easier for the user.
  • The speed is very good for Power DVD.
  • It allows you to download video files from Youtube, which is a feature not every video player offers.
  • It also supports Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire Tv, which means you can watch anything from these websites directly on Power DVD.
    CyberLink Power DVD

2. VLC

My favorite is the VLC player for videos. I love the watchign my movies on this player. Here is why:

  • It can play videos from a range of different formats, which makes it easier to have a video player that supports such formats.
  • A very important feature: filters for the audio and videos being played. And synchronization between the video and the subtitles.
  • Plug ins for Mozilla and Firefox, which means you can integrate with the channels online through these mediums.
  • You can watch movies in top HD qualities on VLC.

3. BigaSoft Total Video Converter

A great product of the BigaSoft Corporation that has the following features to offer to its consumers:

  • Supported by a number of formats for different types of videos which helps the user to watch pretty much any format on BigaSoft Total Converter.
  • Convert it to a type which can be carried by your phones, MP3s and more.
  • It is not just for viewing videos or music files, but also helps you convert a file which you otherwise could not watch.
  • Convert Online Videos.
  • You can use your movie files or audio files to extract a certain song that is your favorite and save it as an MP3.
  • Amazing speed
    BigaSoft Total Converter

4. Media Player Classic

It is one of the greatest replacement for the Windows Media Player. Here is what Media Player Classic has to offer its users:

  • Supports a number or audio and video formats.
  • It does not take much space on your computer, which means this could be a good option for you.
  • Open-source
  • And the best thing about it, it is free of cost.
    Media Player Classic

5. Blu Ray Player

Blu Ray Player, a product of Aiseesoft, is another best MVK player which has to be on your list of choices when deciding which media player to use. Here is why you might want to use this:

  • It offers its users two plans, a free version and a paid version. The services offered by two slightly differ. But this does not mean that the free version is not good enough.
  • Supports a number of formats for videos and audios.
  • Has  a good speed for loading videos.
  • Offers a handful of effects to make your videos look better.
    Blu Ray Player
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