The 5 Best DVD Authoring Software

DVD Authoring is defined as the process of combining audios, text, images, animations, etc. while converting them into a perfectly finished DVD video that can be played on multiple devices. Making a video these days using your cell phones or cameras is indeed a piece of cake but if you ever feel the need of sharing your video with any of your friends or family in the form of a DVD or a USB or even if you want to share it on a social media platform, you badly need a good DVD Authoring Software.

As the name implies, a DVD Authoring Software lets you perform the process of DVD Authoring very smoothly. However, when it comes to choosing a good DVD authoring software, then you might get confused a little bit because of the availability of a huge number of such tools in the market. In order to remove your ambiguity, we are going to share with you a list of The 5 Best DVD Authoring Software. Now all you have to do is just to go through this article quickly in order to get the best DVD authoring software for your own self.

1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is indeed the most famous DVD authoring software designed for the Windows operating system. All of us know that a good DVD authoring software is the one that is not only capable of combining different visual and audio elements into the form of a video but also provides us with all the tools that are needed for beautifying each of these individual elements. CyberLink PowerDirector has got this amazing quality which is highly appreciable. The Express Video Creation feature of this software presents you with a wide range of ready-made templates for your videos that are fully loaded with animations, effects, transitions, music, etc. All you need to do is to add your video to the template that you like in order to make it all the more appealing.

Many of us are fond of shooting action footages which are a bit too difficult to edit. However, PowerDirector lets you edit your action footages very conveniently with the help of its Action Camera Center. This software is capable of doing Color Correction just with a single click. It perfectly optimizes the vibrancy and hues present in your video in order to make it appear true-to-life. If you have shooted different scenes of your video in different settings, even then you do not need to worry about their color balance because the Intelligent Color Match feature of this DVD authoring software will handle it for you. You can easily match the footage from one source to another by making use of the Look-up Tables and Color Grading of CyberLink PowerDirector.

CyberLink PowerDirector

You can make the environment of this software to suit your comfort zone with the help of the Customizable Design Tools of CyberLink PowerDirector. It also offers you the Chroma Key Editing feature with which you can easily remove and replace the backgrounds of your photos and videos. You can accurately track the objects within your video because of the Frame-by-Frame Motion Tracking of this DVD authoring software. The MultiCam Editing feature enables you to synchronize and switch between footages shot from multiple different cameras.

Apart from these basic features, PowerDirector also provides you with some professional grade features such as Video Pre-Cut, Nested Video Editing, Creative Video Blending, etc. with the help of which you can create professional looking videos within no time. It also gives full support for 360 Degree Video Editing as well as for 4K Videos. You can even add professional sound effects and background music tracks to your videos for an excellent DVD authoring. CyberLink PowerDirector also comes with an integrated Cloud Storage support which means you can migrate your DVD authoring project to the cloud so that you can access it at any time from anywhere.

CyberLink PowerDirector offers us a free trial version whereas the details of its paid licenses are given below:

  • PowerDirector Ultra- This license costs $99.99 which is a one time cost.
  • PowerDirector Ultimate- The price of this license is $129.99 which is also a one time cost.
  • PowerDirector 365- CyberLink charges $48.99 per year for this subscription.
  • Director Suite 365- This subscription is worth $89.99 per year.
CyberLink PowerDirector Pricing

2. DVDStyler

DVDStyler is a free and open source DVD authoring software which supports the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It enables you to create and burn DVD videos having Interactive Menus. You can design your own menu or you can even use the Built-in Menu Templates by DVDStyler for your videos. You can also create a Photo Slideshow with the help of this DVD authoring software. You can add a large number of different Subtitles and Background Audio Tracks to your videos. This software supports a wide range of different file formats including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV, etc.

This DVD authoring software allows you to put files having different audio and video formats on one single DVD. It has a very friendly and fully customizable user interface. It also supports the Drag and Drop feature for increasing the ease of use. You have given the complete liberty of placing all the graphical objects that you are using such as buttons, texts, images, etc. anywhere on to your screen. Moreover, you can also change the color and other important parameters of these graphical objects.


You can also Copy any menu object or the whole menu provided by DVDStyler. It also lets you Customize your Navigation with the help of DVD Scripting. Because of the ease of use of DVDStyler, this DVD authoring software is very popular amongst the naive users. However, despite the friendly environment which DVDStyler offers, it still allows you to create professional looking videos and that too without getting yourself in any sort of trouble.

3. DVD Lab

DVD Lab is a DVD authoring software designed for the Windows operating system. It has a very simple and easy to use yet a highly professional user interface. This is exactly why this DVD authoring software is equally popular amongst the beginners as well as amongst the experts. It offers you a wide variety of different Templates that you can use for beautifying your videos. The best thing about DVD Lab is that it is an extremely lightweight software as compared with its competitors which means that anyone can download and use it even those people that have a limited number of system resources available.


You can easily Scroll through your video and also Add Chapters to it very conveniently. You can also add Buttons on to your video. It allows you to add Background Audios and Subtitles to your videos for increasing their usability. This DVD authoring software also comes with an Integrated Menu Creation feature which you can use in order to make your created videos look even more smooth and finer. Last but not least, DVD Lab even gives you the features like Play All Support and Play List Support which is a must for making professional quality videos.

DVD Lab offers us the following two versions:

  • DVD Lab Standard- This version of DVD Lab is absolutely free of cost.
  • DVD Lab Pro2- DVD Lab charges $90 for this version.
DVD Lab Pricing

4. DVD Flick

DVD Flick is a powerful free and open source DVD authoring software dedicated to be used with the Windows platform. This software supports more than 45 different video file formats which means that you can take any video of yours and can easily convert it into a DVD that can be played anywhere. This tool provides you the complete liberty of adding Audio Tracks and Subtitles to your videos. You can even add Menus and Chapters to your videos and then easily burn them on to disks.

DVD Flick

The most fascinating fact about DVD Flick is that despite being a freeware, it still does not come with any spyware, adware or any sort of limitations. Thus it makes the DVD authoring process all the more simple and interesting. This DVD authoring software claims to support more than 60 video codecs and more than 40 audio codecs which means that you do not have to worry about your file compression while using DVD Flick. Moreover, this software is capable of calculating the Bitrate of your projects automatically so that you can keep a check on your video quality in real-time.

5. Deskshare DVD Author Plus

Deskshare DVD Author Plus is an open source DVD authoring software designed for the Windows operating system. The DVD authoring mechanism of this software is by far the simplest and easiest which means that you do not need to be an expert video creator before using this software because all you have to do for DVD authoring is just to drag and drop your videos and audios on to DVD Author Plus storyboard and then burn the disc. It is as simple as that. The best thing about this software is that the DVDs created by this software are compatible with almost any DVD player and Windows PCs. Moreover, once your DVD is inserted into the DVD player, you do not even need to click anywhere in order to play it rather it starts playing automatically.

DVD Author Plus

Apart from DVD authoring, DVD Author Plus is also used to Create Backups of your important data such as audios, videos, images, etc. so that it can stay well protected. It also provides you with the option of creating ISO Files of your CDs and DVDs so that if by any chance your physical disks ever get corrupted or damaged, you can conveniently restore them by burning their image file on any other empty disk. Another great thing about this DVD authoring software is that it does not interrupt you while you are working which means that you can conveniently burn your disks in the background while performing any other main activity. It also allows you to automatically Verify your data after burning it so that you can crosscheck it for any errors.

DVD Author Plus offers us the following two versions:

  • DVD Author Plus Free Trial- As the name implies, this version of DVD Author Plus is absolutely free of cost but for a limited time after which you will have to upgrade to the paid version.
  • DVD Author Plus V3- This version of DVD Author Plus costs $29.95 which is a one time cost.
DVD Author Plus Pricing
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The 5 Best DVD Authoring Software

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