The 2020 iPhones to go for Sensor-Shift Stabilization

The iPhones from 2020 have caused quite the hype. It is perhaps because of the current generation, which failed to make the “incremental” mark in the market. Apple clearly has a lot under the hood for the upcoming device. We already know that there will be a new size for the regular models too. Not to mention, a processor to make it all happen.

These rumors and speculations all exist but there is one new piece of information from GSMArena that really sticks out. Currently, we know that Samsung is making a beast of a camera phone with its upcoming flagship series. Clearly market speculation dictates that Apple would have to work against the competition. To do that, we see this rumor come into play. According to the rumor, Apple is perhaps going for shift-image stabilization technology for its devices instead of the conventional optical image stabilization.

What is Shift-Image Stabilization?

It is one of the three main stabilization systems used by manufacturers to mitigate camera share. How it works is pretty simple. Instead of moving the entire camera lens or module, as done with OIS, it does something different.

The camera sensor itself calculates distances in real-time. So basically when the device’s accelerometer or gyroscope detects movement in any axis, the sensor calculates in real-time the distance moves. Then with the actuators attached to it, it moves with that to remain, relative to the movement, quite stationary.

It is quite an effective method since it would mean that the lens bump in the upcoming iPhone could be reduced or more space could be made, say if Apple wants to increase battery size.

How sensor-shift stabilization works. Via PR NewsWire

The article is quite vague in the details about the rumor and therefore we cannot really rely heavily on its authenticity. It is even quite uncertain why Apple may be going for it. They argue that it may be for more space or better camera performance (for its night mode) or even to save cost. The technology isn’t vastly used, not in mobile devices at least, so we cannot say for sure how the results would look like. Perhaps, if more rumors float out, we’d know for certain.


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