Thatcher and Twitch Nerfed in Rainbow Six Siege’s Grim Sky Update

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operation Grim Sky is just around the corner. Ubisoft has begun teasing the upcoming content starting with the defender Clash. As is the case with most big patches, a few operators have received balance changes. In this case, Twitch and Thatcher will be nerfed in Grim Sky in order to improve game balance.


The bigger of the two nerfs, Thatcher’s EMP grenades will now temporarily disable cameras instead of destroying them. This applies to all types of cameras, including bulletproof cameras, Maestro’s Evil Eyes and Valkyrie’s Black Eye. Ubisoft had previously said that they were unhappy with Thatcher and wanted to change how the operator functioned. “Thatcher’s binary playstyle is somewhat limiting,” reads the update post. “Future changes will include elements that will make Thatcher stronger, but we needed this interaction in place before we can begin working on those.”


Many players consider Twitch as one of the more balanced operators. Her role in the current meta is in a good place. The most recent major change to Twitch dates back to year one when she received an additional shock drone. With Grim Sky, Twitch’s shock drone will be made noisier. Ubisoft states that this change was made after players complained about hearing the drone in extremely quiet situations. “It is still very discreet, and quieter than other drones. Our goal is to help players that are paying attention be able to pick up on the audio cue from the drone when it is moving.” Although not a gamebreaking issue, Ubisoft’s decision behind this nerf is sure to cause some backlash, as many players, including myself, believe that this was an unnecessary change.

Both of these changes will come with the year three season three patch, and will be available on the technical test servers as well. More information regarding additions and changes will be shared at the Operation Grim Sky full reveal on August 17th – 19th.

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Thatcher and Twitch Nerfed in Rainbow Six Siege’s Grim Sky Update

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