Valve Finally Addresses Team Fortress 2 Reload Bug After 16 Years

Although it’s been almost sixteen years since Team Fortress 2 was first released, the game still has a substantial fan base. However, the game is also notorious for a large number of bugs, many of which appear to never be fixed and are only occasionally addressed by a patch.

Recently, a similar event occurred when TF2 players received an update out of the blue and learned that a bug that had been present for ten years had been fixed. It’s great that this is happening, but it’s also strange that Valve has known about it for so long and did absolutely nothing.

This time, the issue with Original‘s reload noise was addressed. This patch fixed an issue where the player would hear the reload sound instead of the weapon’s intended sound. While this may be exciting for some, others are left wondering why Valve is suddenly interested in making changes to the game and what the possible benefits might be for the company.

did the new patch just… break the original reload sound? from tf2

However, there is also the possibility that this problem was brought to light as a result of the online protest called “Save TF2” which took place earlier this year, the campaign where fans protested the game’s bot problem. Clearly, the campaign has had an effect, and its success will likely result in additional fixes being implemented in future updates.

Valve may have also seen how passionate the TF2 community is and decided that it would be unfair to let the game stay the way it is. As for the fans themselves, they are also hopeful that the majority of the game’s problems will be fixed, which will bring the game to a point where everyone can enjoy playing it.

There’s a chance that this will encourage new people to check out the game, which would be great for the community’s continued growth. Share your thoughts on the game and how you feel about Valve’s sudden bug fixes.



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