Tetris 99 “Maximus Cup” With Nintendo Gold Point Prize Begins March 8th

The newly-released Tetris 99 is definitely one of the more unique additions to the battle royale genre. The free-to-play online multiplayer game was developed by Arika and launched last month for the Nintendo Switch. The Tetris 99 Maximus Cup online event kicks off March 8th and ends on March 10th, Nintendo announced today.

Maximus Cup

The competition is called the Tetris 99 Maximus Cup and entrance is free. The event runs from March 8th 5 a.m. PT through March 10th 11:59 p.m. PT.

All Tetris 99 players are automatically registered as participants, so there’s no need to sign up. To climb up the ladder, simply win first place as many times as you can. After a victory, you’ll see TETRIS MAXIMUS displayed on the results screen.

The rules for the contest vary between regions. At the end of the event, the top 999 players with the most wins in North America will receive 999 My Nintendo Gold points. In Europe, however, the prizes will randomly be rewarded to all players who won at least once during the event.

The following are the contest rules for Europe:

“The number of wins achieved has no influence on the chance of winning a prize. If more than 999 participants achieve a win, winners will be determined by random draw. If less than 999 participants achieve a win within the period, the number of winners will be reduced accordingly.”

Nintendo Gold points can be redeemed to obtain a discount when making purchases on the Nintendo eShop. So 999 Gold points will get you a $10 discount on the eShop. While the prize isn’t that big, this contest confirms that Nintendo has plans for more events. The contests after Maximus Event will hopefully feature a heftier prize pool.

There’s no need to explain how hectic Tetris can get. However, when you’re pitted against dozens of other players, it gets even more tense. Tetris 99 is available for free on the Nintendo Switch.

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Tetris 99 “Maximus Cup” With Nintendo Gold Point Prize Begins March 8th

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