Tesla Steam Integration Is Set To Land In Next Month

Tesla may be getting closer to letting you play the latest games in your vehicle. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated last week that the company is working on integrating the digital game distribution service Steam into its vehicles. In response to a Tesla fan account, the billionaire wrote in a tweet that integration with the PC platform is nearing.

Tesla vehicles are high-end and expensive items that come equipped with distinctive features pleasing its audience. One of these features is the inclusion of specific videogames on the car’s internal screens. As previously reported, Tesla has a team of software engineers in Seattle working on the gaming experience inside a Tesla, and they have recently begun building a similar team in Austin.

The automaker has been working with video game studios to port games to its Tesla Arcade video game platform, which is present inside its vehicles.

In recent years, the car manufacturer has increased the gaming potential of its in-car Tesla Arcade platform, with Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Cuphead becoming playable in 2019, Fallout Shelter in 2020, and Sonic the Hedgehog in 2021. The addition of AMD‘s Ryzen processor to Model X and S vehicles expanded gaming possibilities even further, and Steam has a massive library.

Tesla Arcade would be a lot more exciting with Steam integration. Popular Steam games include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, PUBG, and Apex Legends. If the Valve-owned Steam arrives on Teslas soon, it will be the platform’s second major expansion in 2022, following the release of Steam Deck earlier this year.


Muhammad Zuhair

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