Terraria Developer Re-Logic Vows to Never Sign an Epic Store Exclusivity Deal

Over the past few months, the Epic Games Store has become quite notorious within the gaming community. While the new digital marketplace prides itself on its generous revenue split, its aggressive stance on exclusivity deals is what’s putting off many PC gamers. Numerous indie games as well as AAA titles such as the upcoming Borderlands 3 will be timed Epic Store exclusives. In an interesting turn of events, Re-Logic, the indie developer behind Terraria, has promised that none of their games will ever be Epic Store exclusives.


The announcement comes by the way of Re-Logic VP Whitney Spinks’ Twitter.

Spinks made the tweet in order to address the confusion generated from Re-Logic attending an Epic Games Store sponsored event. As a result, many fans thought that Terraria would soon become an Epic Store exclusive. However, as proven by the VP’s recent tweet, that is thankfully not the case.

“No Re-Logic title will ever be an Epic Store exclusive,” writes Spinks. “There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls.”

I have to admit, this statement comes off quite aggressive. Although the community doesn’t benefit much from a game going exclusive, it significantly helps out the developer financially. This is especially the case for indie game studios with limited resources.

In a subsequent tweet, Spinks says, “I am not against many platforms for purchasing a game- I am against the exclusive aspects.”

Although many indie developers who sign exclusivity deals with Epic benefit greatly, it seems that Re-Logic has different plans. Whenever a game becomes an exclusive title, players are usually aren’t too happy about it.

As Epic’s presence in the gaming community builds up, more and more games are skipping Steam in favor the Epic Store. It’s not just limited to indie games, as AAA titles such as Metro: Exodus and Borderlands 3 are also signing timed exclusivity deals.

Farhan Ali
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Terraria Developer Re-Logic Vows to Never Sign an Epic Store Exclusivity Deal

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