Tencent’s Battle Royale Ring of Elysium comes to Steam next week

Ring of Elysium is a battle royale game developed by Tencent Games. The company is well-known for their part in the development of PUBG Mobile, which quickly became one of the most played games on mobile. A different version of the game was first tested in Asian markets, but also acquired a lot of attention in the west. A few months ago, many non-Asian players were able to play a translated version of the game in Western countries. Ring of Elysium will be easier to access now that it is launching on Steam on September 19th.

Ring of Elysium

With so many battle royale titles releasing this year, there must be some quality about Ring of Elysium that made it so popular around the globe. Unlike other battle royales, such as PUBG or Fortnite, players in Ring of Elysium must escape a disastrous snowstorm in order to win. The only avenue of escape is a rescue helicopter capable of saving only four people. Like many other battle royales, however, this game features a playzone shrinking mechanic in the form of a ferocious snowstorm. The map is split into several pre-defined regions, with the snowstorm periodically taking over the map one section at a time.

In this competitive game which takes pride on its great netcode, players will have to outrun the snowstorm while engaging in heated gunfights with enemies. Each match features dynamically changing weather and players must utilize various abilities, including hang-gliding, snowboarding, and mountaineering, in order to survive. In Ring of Elysium, players will also have access to a number of vehicles capable of traversing the rough snow-filled terrain.


You might have noticed that the Asian version of Ring of Elysium looks very different than the one coming to Steam. That is due to the fact that the Asian version of the game features a different map and none of the snow-related mechanics mentioned above. Ring of Elysium will be available for free on Steam starting September 19th.

Farhan Ali
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