Tencent Games Has Acquired Major Stake In GTFO Developer 10 Chambers

The Acquisition will give 10 Chambers more "creative freedom"

Survival Game GTFO Developer 10 Chambers just announced they were In search of a partner, and Tencent Games has stepped up to acquire a major stake In the company. In a twitter post, 10 Chamber wrote that they needed more muscle or capital to reach their long-term vision which was originally set In 2015.

Chinese Mega Giant Tech Company Tencent is perhaps one of the biggest and richest gaming companies. The Company is valued at around $69 billion and has major shares in Epic, Riot Games, and Clash of Clans developer Supercell. 10 Chambers wrote that Tencent will give them more “creative freedom to reach new heights in the co-op FPS Genre.” Other than this, it also mentioned that nothing about GTFO will ever change, they are still here.

Tencent Games

In the announcement, the most important thing 10 Chambers mentioned was that right now they are working hard at a new GTFO Update, describing it “Rundown #004.”

Tencent Games has acquired a lot of game companies In the past. I wonder If they will ever slow down because most recent reports suggested Tencent was being investigated by the Trump Government. Since Tencent Games is similar to TikTok and other Chinese Apps, the U.S. Government had decided to step In and see if anything fishy was going on.

Last year Tencent was also involved In partnering up with Nintendo, read more about that here.

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