Temtem Changes Stance Towards Ban Appeals After Wrongful Ban Concerns Arise

Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMORPG game which launched on Steam early access last month. Not long after its release, the game was met with an influx of cheaters. Developer Crema Games responded with swift bans, claiming to have taken down almost 900 players that were determined to be cheaters.

“We just completed our first batch of banned users,” reads a Crema tweet. “Almost 900 players have been permanently banned from Temtem.”

According to Steam Charts, Temtem hit an all-time peak of approximately 40k players, and is currently maintaining a 20k current player count. Although the banned players make up less than 1% of the total player base, it’s great to see Crema taking early action before the situation gets out of hand.

Crema claims that all bans are “legit”, initially stating that all bans are final and any appeals will not be entertained. Despite the studio’s claims that they’re “100% sure that every banned user is either a cheater or has abused exploits intentionally”, fans felt uncomfortable with such an aggressive ban appeal policy. Being an early access game, there are bound to be bugs, some which can even be considered an exploit. Due to this, fans felt they were walking on eggshells, thinking that one random bug may lead to a wrongful ban.

Noticing the rising concerns, Crema has now begun reviewing ban appeals. However, that doesn’t mean that the developer is unsure in its decisions.

A Crema rep tells Polygon that it bans cheaters and exploiters with “extreme confidence”, saying that the appeal process is simply a “double-check for those that believe they were wrongfully banned.” 

“Initially, we were hesitant about instituting a ban appeal process as oftentimes hackers use it as a way to get more information to circumvent our anti-cheat. We only ban players that have been caught using cheats to exploit the game. Players will not get banned for running into bugs. It’s very easy for us to tell the difference.”

Temtem is available on PC via Steam early access.

Farhan Ali
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