Telegram Releases Major Update Allowing Users to Share Detailed Contact Information

Telegram has recently introduced some grand updates for its mobile applications on iOS and Android. The majority of the improvements and features included in this recent update are available to be used on both platforms, however a few of them are exclusively meant for Android.

What’s Common?

A few of the new feature updates that are seemingly common for both Android and iOS are the options for replacing media and adding captions to them. The replace media option is particularly interesting as it enables Telegram users to replace a video or photo they have sent by accident with the correct one.

Another new feature introduced here is that when a Telegram user receives a long voice note, the option of double-time playback is available which enables the users to switch to 2x playback and hear video messages or voice messages two times faster.

Works with voice and video messages – Telegram

Another useful feature update that has been added comprises of allowing the users to mark messages as Read or Unread.

Not only this, users of Telegram on iOS and Android can now share more information regarding a contact than just a single phone number. Now vCard fields and additional phone numbers can also be added to each contact.

Choose which fields to share – Telegram

What is New for Android Users?

As it was mentioned before, Android users will receive a slightly upper hand at Telegram updates. Three features are there that are not available on iOS but are available on Android. The first one will allow Android users to preview chats by means of tapping and holding gesture on the profile pictures in the chats.

Tap and hold on the profile picture – Telegram

The second feature allows Android users to ‘create link’ available from the formatting menu for making text URLs. Lastly, the third new feature for Android users allows users to cancel sending messages before they reach the other phone.

Select some text, then tap ‘…’ – Telegram
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Telegram Releases Major Update Allowing Users to Share Detailed Contact Information

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