Telegram Introduces No-SIM Signup Option For Users in New Update

Telegram is one of the biggest cross platform messaging apps and is well known for its focus on privacy and security. Recently, the company announced a massive update, introducing even more privacy focused settings along with a bunch of other features. 

With the new update, Telegram is now going to let users sign-up without a SIM card. Although users will still need to obtain a blockchain-powered anonymous number, from the Fragment platform to sign-upThese anonymous numbers are not tied to a SIM card and are used solely for Telegram. 

Telegram was one of the first platforms to introduce self-destructing messages, and now with the new update they are also introducing a global auto-delete timer. This option lets users automatically delete messages in all newly opened chat windows. 

Existing chats will not be affected, but you can easily expand your auto-delete settings to any of them from the new menu in Settings > Privacy & Security > Auto-Delete Messages.

We’ve also made it easier to set up auto-delete in small private groups – the timer can now be enabled by any members who are allowed to change the group’s name and picture.

Telegram Announcement Blogpost 

Topics 2.0

One of the very unique features in Telegram is the ability to create large groups, with up to 200,000 members. Obviously, with huge communities, the general chat can get very messy. To address some of the organizational issues in large groups, Telegram introduced Topics which let users create sub-groups, creating spaces for different subjects, and was exclusively available for groups with over 200 members. 

With the new update, Telegram is introducing Topics 2.0, refining the feature even further. Now, even smaller groups get the option to organize discussions into topics, with the cut-off being reduced to 100 members or more. 

Groups now have a default topic called General, which holds the group’s service messages and pre-topic message history. This topic is available for all group members so they can find older messages, but admins can rename the topic or hide it from the main list.

To quickly view all the latest messages at once, you can switch to ‘View as Messages’ mode. Every message in that mode now has a button showing where it was posted – and you can tap it to go straight to that topic.

Aggressive Anti-Spam and More

Like most other messaging platforms, the average Telegram user has to deal with a decent amount of spam. Especially applicable for large groups, where chats are very hard to moderate. To combat this, Telegram is introducing a new Aggressive mode for automated spam filter, which can now be enabled by admins of groups with over 200 members. 

The update also brings a redesigned Storage Usage page for Android users. The new Storage Usage page now shows the space used by each individual chat, and even lets users delete specific media from the menu. 

Apart from this, Telegram also introduced a few other features like Emoji search on iOS and Temporary QR codes. You can read the full list of features on Telegram’s announcement blogpost, here.  


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