Tekken 8 Teased at EVO 2022

As the weekend closes off, the 2022 edition of EVO Las Vegas comes to an end. South-Korean legend, Knee, finally gets his flowers by winning his first-ever EVO, beating Pakistan’s Khan in the Grand Final. While the match and the subsequent awards ceremony was all a spectacle, BANDAI NAMCO one-upped the whole event by seemingly bringing the next edition of Tekken to the show.

At the end of the event, the developer announced what is likely Tekken 7‘s last major update before it completes its life cycle. The Free Battle Update showed off new “balance adjustments” and “new tactics” that will level the playing field even more. Not only that, Tekken World Tour will conclude with Global Finals being held in Amsterdam in February, next year. 

What came after these announcements is the exciting bit. Out of nowhere, the iconic ending scene from the original Tekken where Kazuya Mishima is seen throwing his father off the cliff starts playing. Right after we get that smile from Kazuya, the video cuts to a modern-day, much nicer-looking character model of Kazuya smirking. His left eye glows red and some text appears on screen reading “Get Ready“. 

It seems like BANDAI NAMCO isn’t ready to make Tekken 8 official official just yet, but they’re letting us know that the game is definitely coming. My guess is that they’re saving the big announcement for the Tekken World Tour Finals. Pretty much the entirety of Tekken 7 culminates to that one occasion, and nothing would be more poetic than to announce the game’s successor at its farewell.

Interestingly enough, The Game Awards‘ official Twitter account posted the same picture captioned “Get Ready”. The official TEKKEN Twitter account was also tagged in the tweet. This leads me to believe there might be a possibility of a full reveal coming at the award show this year. 

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Huzaifa Haroon

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