Tekken 8 Puts an End to the Mishima Bloodline’s Curse in PlayStation’s State of Play

It was back in August when Tekken 8 was initially teased at EVO 2022. We saw the footage for the upcoming Tekken 7 update, along with the free battle pass. The update promised a few balance updates and some tweaks and fixes. Unexpectedly, we got to see Kazuya Mishima’s ending from Tekken 1 pop up on the screen with a close-up of Kazuya Mishima. The screen then cut to a photorealistic Kazuya grinning with the words “Get Ready”, confirming the existence of Tekken 8 in those brief few seconds. This announcement happened out of nowhere, and it was all the more surprising when we got to see the unforeseen footage reveal of Tekken 8 at the PlayStation State of Play today.

The Mishima Bloodline Ends with Tekken 8?

Get ready for the next battle. Tekken 8 finally received a trailer at the PlayStation State of Play today, on September 13, 2022, and there’s a lot to unravel in what seems to be a mere 2-minute trailer.

Powered by the PlayStation 5, Tekken 8 looks absolutely gorgeous with revamped visuals. According to the State of Play, the trailer features in-game footage from the game engine, and the graphical fidelity of the title looks quite promising. We get to see Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima face off in what appears to be an epic final showdown at supposedly the Precipice of Fate.

The game switches from a cutscene to in-game footage of a single round. We get to see the Kazama style from Jin while Kazuya makes use of his passed-on Mishima techniques. Jin and Kazuya face off against each other on a map that looks similar to the Precipice of fate in Tekken 7, but with a lot more rain and storm effects added in the mix.

Tekken 8 PlayStation State of Play
Kazuya narrowly evades Jinn’s uppercut in a final battle in Tekken 8 | PlayStation

The character models have changed quite a bit from what we’ve seen in previous iterations of Tekken, with an even more realistic approach this time around. Facial animations, hair physics, impact effects, and environmental destructibility have all been reworked according to what we see in the trailer. Textures and the level of detail are on a whole other level than what we’d previously experienced in Tekken 7. The future of Tekken looks quite promising.

It appears both Kazuya and Jin have mastered control of the Devil Gene and are capable of utilizing it to their full advantage. Kazuya is arrogant and reeks of evil as always, but Jin vows to put a stop to Kazuya and himself, stating that people like them should not exist.

Spoilers: Here’s a brief recap for those who aren’t sure what’s exactly going on. Jin won the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 back in Tekken 5 and proceeded to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu after defeating Heihachi and Jinpachi. At the beginning of Tekken 6, it appears that Jin has been consumed by the curse of the Mishima Bloodline, along with the indifference and hatred imbued by the Devil Gene. To put a stop to Kazuya, being the epitome of evil in the franchise, he declares war on the G Corporation and Kazuya and, with that, sets the world into chaos.

Tekken 8 PlayStation State of Play
Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima face off in an epic battle | PlayStation

Tekken 7 gives us the perspective of a Journalist whose wife and child have been killed in the war between Father and Son. He interviews Heihachi to learn about the Mishima Clan, who meets him in person to reveal that he threw Kazuya off a cliff to confirm if he had the Devil Gene or not and reaffirm his love for his wife Kazumi, who he killed in self-defence. It seems that Heichachi knew the fate that awaited him and wanted to say his goodbyes by confessing to the Journalist’s expose.

Tekken 7 ends with Kazuya finally exacting his revenge and putting an end to Heihachi. Jin awakens at the end of the game, and it seems he wants to put an end to the war. It’s evident that Tekken 8 will finally close the chapter on the latter spectrum of the father and son revenge story. Jin vows to put an end to the war, G corporation and Kazuya Mishima once and for all.

It’s possible that Tekken 8 will finally close the chapter on the Mishima Bloodline and the Devil Gene storyline and move on to something new entirely. Will the Mishima Bloodline and the Devil Gene persevere, or will Jinn finally put a stop to it in the latest iteration of the Tekken Series? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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