Motion Capture Footage From Tekken 8 Seems to Confirm Three Iconic Characters

It looks like we’re going to be see Yoshimitsu, Lars, and Alex the velociraptor in Tekken 8, which is scheduled to be announced at The Game Awards.

There was nothing said officially about the inclusion of any of these characters, but we get a glimpse of the motion capture process for Tekken 8, which was recently documented in a video, released by NHK PR. Even though the clip does not specifically show any new characters, it does provide some very apparent hints about the return of some favorites through the use of various props, outfits, and poses.

Perhaps you’re wondering how certain characters’ inclusion can be evaluated depending on their stances. Well, let us demonstrate.

One of the most recognizable characters in the series, Yoshimitsu, is the first to be strongly hinted in the footage. A motion capture actor wielding a katana is pinned up against a wall in an unusual position for part of the video. This directly points towards Yoshimitsu, as he also has a sword and some pretty strange poses in his bag.  

The next character isn’t just hinted at; it’s pretty clear who it is. In it, one actor tries his best to roar like a dinosaur and even wears a fake tail. While Tekken features a wide variety of animal fighters, Alex the velociraptor is the closest match other than Gon. The only thing he needs are the boxing gloves.

Finally, another fan saw that one of the actors was striking a pose that was strikingly similar to Lars‘s default stance in the game, with his left hand down and his right hand up. Lars’s return seems confirmed by his signature posture.

With these three legendary characters practically confirmed, tell us what you expect from the next installment of the Tekken franchise. We promise to keep you informed of any new information as it becomes available leading up to TGA, where Tekken 8 will reportedly be revealed.


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