FIX: Taskbar Refuses to Auto Hide In Windows 10

Windows taskbar is useful when working with commonly used apps. However, there are many instances when you want to hide the taskbar, and you need it really bad. And it is quite common that the taskbar simply refuses to hide or pops up when don’t want it to.

The methods described here equally apply to the older versions of Windows like Windows 8.x and 7. Before we dive into the solutions, make sure that you have set the Windows taskbar to hide automatically. Right click the taskbar and select properties. Make sure that Auto-hide the taskbar checkbox is checked.

taskbar windows 10 hide

More than often, Windows taskbar refuses to hide because one of the program running in the notification area is preventing the taskbar from hiding. Diagnosis of the problem was easy until now. However, the real challenge is to find the program that is stopping the taskbar from hiding.

How to Find the Program That is Preventing the Taskbar form Hiding

Start with the action center. Click the action center and view if it has any messages. Check other notification area icons if anyone has a message for you. If the problem has started after installing a certain application, try to click the notification area icon of that program or by exiting that program if appropriate. The notification icons of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE), Java update and Input Director are some known programs to cause this issue. However, there are uncountable programs out there, and any one of them maybe causing this issue on your system. Sometimes, just clicking the icon in the notification area solves the problem.

2016-03-14_094023If your taskbar don’t have problems in auto hide usually, you may try to restart your computer. If it is a temporary problem, restarting Windows may fix it.

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FIX: Taskbar Refuses to Auto Hide In Windows 10

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