TalkBand B5 Earpiece On Your Wrist Accessory Released By Huawei Today

Gone are the days of Bluetooth earpieces and now are the days of smart watches that do just about everything from monitoring your health to answering your calls, or so we think. Huawei has just announced a morph of the two, the TalkBand B5, which is essentially a Bluetooth earpiece that is worn on your wrist. The wrist band-cum-earpiece hybrid device is designed specifically with the business audience in mind, boasting the ability to view all phone notifications on the wrist band when worn as well as the ability to dismantle and wear as an earpiece when an incoming call is alerted. The Huawei TalkBand B5 is set to release today in China and in August across the Middle East, retailing at roughly USD $150 for the standard version and USD $180 for the sports version of the accessory.

The Huawei TalkBand B5 supports a 1.13 inch AMOLED glass display, a size larger than its predecessor ensuring that the display is now much easier to read. The watch connects to your cellphone device using a Bluetooth connection and displays all notifications in real time as they pop up. The wrist band-cum-earpiece also includes health monitoring features such as a heart rate monitor and Huawei’s TruSleep technology that monitors your sleep quantity and quality. For this purpose, the accessory is made with all day wearability in mind. Although the device is made dust proof and water proof to some extent, it is not considered safe to submerge into water entirely. For that purpose, a different sports version of the watch is made with silicon bands to allow for device support during athletic and exertion activities. A business savvy version is also released that brings with it a premium leather or metal strap.

The device is host to the first triple core audio chip, according to Huawei, and it contains a two-microphone input system that reduces surrounding noise for the most crisp and clear audio delivery. Despite the sports and casual versions included in the device’s release designs, the device holds fast to its tradition and remains a strictly business device. The earpiece cannot be used for any other activity than answering incoming or outgoing phone calls. This means that one cannot use this as a standard earpiece for listening to music or watching videos. The purpose that the watch serves in its sporty and standard versions is a wristband that monitors health and exercise activity and is on hand (literally) for when one needs to answer a call.

Aaron Michael
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