How to Take Screenshots on Chrome OS/Chromebook

Unlike Windows computers, Chromebooks do not have a dedicated Print Screen key. The process of taking screenshots, however, is sophisticated and simple. In Chrome OS, you have the option of selecting a part of the screen for the screenshot. Chrome OS also automatically saves the screenshot as a png image file. Here’s how you can take and locate screenshots on Chrome OS.

Take a Screenshot of the Current Page

If you press Control and Window Switcher Key together, you can get a screenshot of your whole screen. The Window Switcher Key is the one with the three boxes above the number 6 key. For non Chrome OS keyboards, press Control with the F5 key.

Screenshot of whole page: Ctrl + cb1

For Non Chrome OS keyboards: Ctrl + F5

Take a Screenshot of Selected Area

To take a screenshot of only a specific area of the screen, press CTRL + SHIFT + Window Switcher Key. The cursor turns into a crosshair pointer. You can selected a rectangular area on the screen by clicking and dragging the cursor on the area that you want a screenshot of. After selecting the area, release your mouse or trackpad button. That’s it. Your screenshot is taken.

Screenshot of Selected Area:
Ctrl + Shift +
cb2, then click, drag and release

For Non Chrome OS keyboards:
Ctrl + Shift + F5
, then click, drag and release

Find your Screenshot

As soon as you take the screenshot, a notification appears on the bottom right corner of your screen confirming the action. Clicking on the notification opens the screenshot.

chrome os screenshot

The screenshot automatically gets saved as a png image file in your local Downloads folder. The date and time of the screenshot are reflected on the name of the .png file.

chrome os screen shot 2

That’s all there is to it. It’s a pretty simple process, and can come in handy a lot of times.

Nishant Kauntia
Nishant is a tech-enthusiast, and keeps experimenting with new apps and tweaks on his Chromebook and Android smartphone. Innovative user-experience developments fascinate him. Apart from keeping a keen eye out for updates in the tech industry, Nishant is interested in Philosophy and Creative Writing.

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How to Take Screenshots on Chrome OS/Chromebook

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