Taiwan Chip Manufacturer Ceases Critical Supply to Mainland China

Following reports of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s patent application for advanced semiconductor manufacturing earlier this month, a Chinese company that produces certain chipmaking products has stopped exporting to mainland China. 

Huawei’s patent on EUV lithography, a method for producing chips, sparked suspicion that China would be able to get over limitations that prevent it from obtaining or producing chips using the new technology. Gudeng Precision Industrial Co. of Taiwan, which provides tools including masks for EUV manufacture, has now halted supply to China, claiming that this is just a brief delay rather than a stoppage.

A silicon wafer is printed with tiny circuits as part of the chip manufacturing process, which employs a vast array of raw materials. This procedure makes use of a light source, and an important advantage of EUV is its short wavelength, which makes it simple to print tiny circuits. To attain the same circuit size as an EUV machine can with fewer patterning tries, older technologies like DUV had to depend on many patterning attempts.

Image: Gudeng

A mask that holds the designs used to print these circuits is the key component of this technique. When the light is beamed through these masks, which are positioned above the wafer and below the light source, they block the extra light and allow for chip production. One of the biggest pod suppliers for these masks in the world, Gudeng Precision Industrial Co. has a commanding market share when it comes to EUV production. It is also TSMC’s top provider of this essential apparatus.

In response to media claims that its order had been suspended, Gudeng said that it was merely a temporary situation. The business also said that it is still accepting orders from China. As a result of the U.S. government’s increased attempts to restrict China from acquiring access to cutting-edge technology for military purposes, makes it one of the first semiconductor manufacturing consumable businesses to discontinue deliveries to China.


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