T-Series Will Overtake Pewdiepie As The Most Subscribed Channel By The End Of This Month, Although It Doesn’t Matter

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for big YouTubers to have millions of fans. This era has seen the rise of consumption of content on the internet, giving content creators a big break and making some of them as popular as big Hollywood stars.

Talking about famous YouTube personalities, one name always pops up and that is of Felix Arvid aka PewDiePie. Rightfully so as he’s the most subscribed content creator till date, coming in at 70 million subs. Felix is making YouTube videos since 2010, mostly playing games and reacting to them, but his content has changed quite a bit over the years. But something that didn’t change was his dominance as the most subscribed channel on YouTube, that is until T-Series joined the race.

T-Series is a corporate entity, basically a massive record label and film production company started by Gulshan Kumar in 1983. T-Series actually had a very humble beginning, selling pirated Bollywood songs. They mostly produce Bollywood music now, but for a lot of Indians, it holds iconic value.

Their rise was almost unnoticed, until it was clear that the channel would cross PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel on YouTube. A few factors might have played a big role in its rise. Firstly, Reliance owned by Mukesh Ambani launched Jio, which was a new network operator. Jio significantly upgraded the internet infrastructure of India as they anticipated huge sign-ups on their networks. Consequently internet prices crashed across the board and now a ton of people had access to affordable high-speed Internet. Increase of smartphone popularity brought about by cheap Android devices might have also played a big part.

The Comparison is Absurd

It makes no sense to compare the two. Felix is a person sitting on his computer and making funny videos, but T-series is a massive corporate entity, run by big teams and having the support of massive legacy content.

Bollywood is still massive in India and given their population, this was inevitable. Both T-Series and PewDiePie have completely different kinds of content and thus different viewer bases, so there’s no conflict of interest here. Yes, Pewdiepie might not be the biggest channel, but it shouldn’t matter to fans as long as he keeps making great content.

When will T-Series Take Over

The company already has most views monthly, so the subscriber count is going to be a symbolic one. If recent estimates are believed, T-Series might take over as the most subscribed channel on YouTube by the end of this month.

Sub count comparison
Source – Socialblade

The recent events have put Pewdiepie back in the spotlight, earning him a ton of views and subscribers. So at this point I would say, it was worked out well for both the channels.


Indranil Chowdhury

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