Synaptics mentions “next-generation” OS from Microsoft in partnership with AMD

"Hardened Encryption, Unmatched Security" for business and consumer PCs

In a press release published by Synaptics discussing new enterprise-grade biometric PC security, a mention was made to Microsoft’s “next-generation” operating system. Until now, nothing was known about Microsoft working on yet another operating system, other than Andromeda, which is reportedly postponed and, potentially, cancelled.

Now, Synaptics is teaming up with AMD to deliver this all-new enterprise-grade security to consumers and businesses across AMD platforms, on Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. This partnership promises to deliver “hardened encryption” with “unmatched security”, pointing towards an operating system that may work more similarly to Apple’s macOS, which has built-in encryption for the machine without any user input being required.

Microsoft’s new operating system will come included with its current biometric authentication system, Windows Hello, but make use of Synaptics and AMD’s new hardware and platforms.

Fingerprint authentication will be completed in an “off the grid” system, isolating the whole authentication process of image enrolment, pattern storage and biometric matching within the fingerprint reader itself, aiming to prevent unscrupulous third-parties from maliciously gaining access via hardware or software.

There’s little in the way of specific details about Microsoft’s plans for its new operating system. It could be another edition of Windows 10, an entire upgrade, or something completely new. As always, we’ll keep you up to date as more details come to light.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Synaptics mentions “next-generation” OS from Microsoft in partnership with AMD

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