Switch Online Now Has Three More SNES And NES Games

The SNES library now includes Kirby’s Avalanche and Fighter’s History, while the NES library now includes Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia from the Famicom.

Latest Additions on Switch Online | Image: VGC

Super Puyo Puyo, a puzzle game that was initially launched on the Super Famicom in Japan, is the inspiration for Kirby’s Avalanche, which was first known as Kirby’s Ghost Trap in Europe.

One-on-one fighting game Fighter’s History is so similar to Street Fighter II that Capcom sued Data East, the company that made it. When a judge ruled that the alleged breaches in Fighter’s History were “almost necessary,” which means they practically had to be in a fighting game and would have been challenging to avoid, Capcom lost the lawsuit.

Last but not least, the action game Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia, which was only ever released in Japan, is now available on Switch Online for the first time. It is the single episode of a seven-part series created by Toshiba EMI that was made available on Famicom. Curiously, each of the seven games which were released on a different platform tells the same story from a different perspective of a conflict.

The Japanese Switch Online service receives Kirby’s Super Star Stacker instead of Kirby’s Avalanche, a 16-bit remake of the Game Boy puzzle game Kirby’s Star Stacker that was never released outside of Japan. Subscribers to Switch Online’s Japanese eShop have access to the Super Famicom app, which grants them access to the Japanese library as well as Kirby’s Super Star Stacker.

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