Surviving Mars is Getting Two Free Content Updates. Sandbox Mode, Harder Difficulty, and More

Haemimont Games is taking community feedback to heart and is releasing Da Vinci and Sagan free to the public

Surviving Mars is a game made by Haemimont Games that pits you against the rough terrain of Mars while you build a civilization that can stand the test of time. Popular game? Not terribly, but Haemimont is trying to change that by releasing some major updates that will add some new content to the game. The first of those updates (dubbed “Da Vinci”) has come out today, the next update (Sagan) will be coming out in September for all platforms. The best part about both of these updates is that they are both free of charge, something that’s way too rare these days.

The Da Vinci update only adds one thing: a sandbox mode. But don’t scoff at sandbox modes, they can be fun when you have buildings you can purchase that don’t cost any money, or you have an insane budget of trillions of dollars, all of your colonists are immune to death and disease, it’s like the world is your oyster that you genetically modified so that you would get a certain colored pearl when you peek inside.

The second update, Sagan, takes the game in the opposite direction. While Da Vinci caters to the casual players, Sagan is meant for the gamers who want a bit more of a challenge in their video game. The Sagan update will add in 30 new challenges to overcome,  and subsequent ratings for completing the challenges within a given time. Each challenge will have its own parameters for success, ranging from sponsor, commander profile, active game rules, and map coordinates.

“Whether you like to stop and smell the barren wastelands of Mars or are raring to discover new ways to doom your dome, Surviving Mars’ upcoming updates will have adventures for every kind of player.”

Haemimont is really taking community feedback to heart, just last month they added in a new five-part tutorial system to counter all the complaints about the complexity of the game. It’s not every day you hear about a game developer designing for the community rather than their wallets.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Surviving Mars is Getting Two Free Content Updates. Sandbox Mode, Harder Difficulty, and More

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