Microsoft Investigates Surface Pro 7 Random Shutdown Issues, Here’s How To Fix It

Microsoft’s Surface line up has a long history of hardware issues and the number is growing every month.

Several users who purchased the Surface Pro 7 devices are now reporting a strange behavior with their PCs. According to the reports [1, 2, 3], the devices arbitrarily shut down without any notice. Notably, although the problem started affecting users in December and January, but the number of reports significantly increased in February this year.

A Surface Pro 7 user first highlighted the issue on the Microsoft Answers forum on 20 December 2019:

“If the device stays ideal for a minute it directly shuts down. I have checked all the sleep and power settings and that’s not an issue. I see this was an issue in previous versions too. Any fix?”

Another furious user reported the issue in which the device randomly shuts down, “I’m tired of all these issues now. At first, a few days ago, I was working on this laptop and it shut down randomly. I switched it on, but again it shut down randomly. In 20 minutes, this happened thrice. I tried something, and then it worked fine for a day. Then today again, it is happening. The diagnostic kit says there’s nothing wrong. Please help.”

The Bug Is Currently Under Investigation

Although there is no official acknowledgment from Microsoft, reports suggest that the company is still investigating the cause that triggered the issue. Some users found a workaround that resolved the problem for them. Someone even shared a screenshot that shows the recommended settings:

Surface Pro 7
Surface Pro 7 Settings

A Microsoft Agent suggested that users should try running the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. But unfortunately, the tool failed to fix the random shutdown issue. In addition, a complete reinstallation of the OS doesn’t help either. Some lucky users who contacted Microsoft regarding their problematic devices got a replacement from the company.

Workaround Fixed The Problem For Some Users

The Surface Pro 7 owners extended the time duration of energy-saving settings for sleep and standby mode. However, this workaround didn’t work for some unlucky users. Numerous Surface users are now complaining that they are tired of fixing these issues with their newly purchased devices.

However, some replacement devices are also affected by a similar shutdown bug. The bug was pointed out by Microsoft MVP Barb Bowman on Microsoft Answers forum. A Microsoft Agent than confirmed that the reports are currently under consideration and the Surface team is working on a fix.

Generally, such investigations often take up to a couple of weeks and you may need to wait until then. Needless to say, the only solution you have right now is to apply for a replacement.

Alex Schoff
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