Surface Pro 7 Crashes And Battery Drain Issues: Many Disappointed Users Plan To Return The Device

The initial reviews for Surface Pro 7 didn’t come out well as the device has several problems and limitations. We have already reported different issues that customers raised on official forums.

Over the past few days, several Surface Pro 7 users have complained about some other major issues with their devices. The first issue is related to system crashing, as there are multiple reports that the screen simply goes black.

However, the machine is still on and the user had to hold the power button for around 20 secs to restore it. Unfortunately, the problem does not end here and the bug comes back even after a few seconds.

I bought the Surface Pro 7 16gb ram I7 processor 256gb SSD storage last week. I have not really used it for anything yet and fully updated it. Last night it started crashing. The screen simply goes black. I would press the lock button twice in order to get back to the lock screen and open it up. It kept crashing every 20 seconds though. Before it crashed, the screen brightness would increase.

It appears to be a widespread problem because a number of Surface Pro 7 users reported experiencing a similar issue. Moreover, disappointed users are planning to return their new devices to get something else. Notably, Surface Pro 7 is available at a whopping price of $749. People are of the opinion that it is barely worth the money.

Surface Pro 7 Battery Drain Issue

The second issue appears to be related to its unimpressive battery life. Microsoft previously reported battery life based on the video playback. Starting this year, the tech giant changed this practice and the battery life is now based on a real-world number.

Microsoft claims that Surface Pro 7 offers 10.5 hours of battery life. However, in reality, the figure is worse as compared to its predecessor. According to the user reports they are struggling to get more than 5 hours. Here’s how an affected user described the problem on the official Microsoft Community forum:

“I picked up a Surface Pro 7 on launch but I’m really struggling with the battery life, with light usage (a few office apps and a few tabs in Edge) I’m struggling to get more than 5 hours, even with Battery Saving mode on, brightness at around 20-25 and nothing running the background.”

Microsoft’s MVP Barb Bowman is aware of the problem and acknowledged that I doubt that any hoop-jumping will change this much.” If you are one of those who are affected by a similar issue, you can try the following workaround suggested by a Microsoft Agent.

“Try to lower down the battery level to 10% then charge up to 100% without using the device. Once done, set the brightness to 50%, do not connect any accessories, unplug the PSU, connect to Wi-FI and watch a High Definition Movie.”

In addition to the quick battery drain issue, there are some reports that the latest cumulative updates introduced a new bug. The battery icon keeps showing the charging symbol even Surface Pro 7 is not plugged in.

We will update this post if Microsoft acknowledges these issues and provides an ETA to release a patch.


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