It’s Time For Microsoft To Clarify Surface Pro 4’s Replacement Policy

If you are a Surface Pro 4 owner, you must be aware of the inherent problems that come along with it. Microsoft is constantly trying to compensate its customers since the device was initially released back in 2015.

A good number of users are furious over Surface Pro 4 hardware failure issues. On top of that, the unpredictable replacement policy for the device eventually poured fuel on the fire.

For those who don’t know, Surface Pro 4 devices are affected by numerous problems. Microsoft has already acknowledged the flickergate issue. The Redmond giant announced a free refurb replacement for devices returned within three years.

However, the replacement policy apparently failed to impress Surface Pro 7 users due to obvious reasons. Those who claimed the refund complained that either the replacement comes with a similar issue or it is affected by type cover problems.

The worst thing about the new devices is that all of these problems started appearing just a few hours after using the replaced Surface Pro 4 devices. It is a clear indication that the problem is not limited to a limited set of products. It seems like the whole Surface line is affected by quality issues.

It is not hard to believe that some Surface Pro 4 users noticed similar issues after multiple replacements. The quality issues seem pervasive, but Microsoft has decided to remain tight-lipped on that matter.

Surface Pro 4 Devices Affected By Battery Bulge Issues

During the last few months, numerous users reported that a battery bulge eventually caused a lifted screen on Surface Pro 4 devices. All affected devices should be automatically eligible for a free replacement in that case.

As a quick reminder, if Microsoft refuses to offer a free refurb replacement, you may need to pay around $599 as the out of warranty replacement cost. Needless to say, you can’t really predict the Surface Pro model that would be offered.

It is worth noting that the battery bulging issues [1,2] vary from case to case. Each user reported a completely different experience on the Microsoft Community forum. Microsoft’s MVP Barb Bowman tried to eliminate the customer’s uncertainty and asked for detailed clarification on Surface Pro 4 exchange policies.

Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to requests for clarification. No official confirmation is available even after 3 weeks. It seems like Microsoft is avoiding a situation where it has to document a Surface Pro 4 replacement policy for everyone.

However, forum reports confirmed that people had to pay for an exchange or the free replacement turned out to be problematic. It is probably one of the reasons that Microsoft doesn’t want to answer such questions. According to Microsoft, the company individually evaluates each case.

Microsoft can’t ignore the fact that the number of issues related to Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is growing each day. The company should seriously consider publishing the exchange policy to regain the trust of Surface fans.


Alex Schoff

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