Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update 3.11.2450.0 “Improves Device Security”

Microsoft’s flagship 2-in-1 laptop product, the Surface Pro, has just released an update for its 3rd generation model from 2014: the Surface Pro 3. Although the Surface Pro 3 is over 4 years old, Microsoft has issued another security update for it following the February update release (3.11.2250.0 for all Surface devices) bringing Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability protection.

The Surface Pro 3’s newest update is for users running the Windows 10 Creators Update / build 1703 only. There aren’t many users who are operating in this position as most people have applied updates to reach the latest version of Windows 10. For those who still find themselves in that zone, they can apply the surface firmware update 3.11.2450.0 to their devices to “improve device security.”

The release notes of the update have not specifically listed any particular vulnerabilities or issues that are being targeted, but it is believed that this update is geared towards the mitigation of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities just like the last update for the Surface Pro 3. The value indicator for this update is security and the score given is “+”.

Microsoft Update 3.11.2450.0 for Surface Pro 3.

Since Spectre and Meltdown are fundamental vulnerabilities in the Intel processors base work, there is no “cure” or permanent fix to them unless the entire system is redesigned to close the channels which those vulnerabilities exploit. This is why security updates are released regularly to apply the latest mitigation techniques to protect users against the risk of exploit.

Although Windows regularly updates its system automatically, for those who have not received updates recently, they can press the Start button and navigate to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. There, you can click on “Check for updates” to find any available updates to download and install. Just a heads up, many updates require that the user restart his or her device.

As 3.11.3450.0 is a firmware update, it cannot be uninstalled or reverted back to an earlier version as per Microsoft policy. Users are advised to install the released updates promptly if their system hasn’t undertaken the course of doing so automatically.

Aaron Michael
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