Surface Pro 2017 Update improves Pen Performance without Consent on Insider Devices

Microsoft’s Surface Pro range is known for its impeccable display and precision guided touch feedback. One thing that the Surface Pro features with its range is its Surface Pen for precision writing, drawing, and simply clicking around. Some updates were recently released to improve the Surface pen’s performance after numerous complaints of inaccuracy or unsatisfactory experience. It seems, though, that Microsoft sent out these updates to take on without the user’s consent on Windows Insider devices and that’s left a lot of people unhappy despite them longing for the update in the first place.

According to the change log for the latest update release, the entry Surface System specifically addresses the touch system of the device. Its device manager name is Surface Touch ML – System devices and its version is expected to “improve pen and touch performance.” A second update package dubbed Surface Firmware 429.0.1.10, under the device manager name Surface Touch – Firmware, also claims to “improve pen and touch performance” with its v429.0.1.10 release.

The overall update comes with several other updates including ones for the Bluetooth system and the wireless-AC network controller and network adapters. The updates generally improve system stability and improve specific component performance. The update comes with a plus score against each of the following value indicators: security, reliability, and performance, validating the fact that these updates are set to improve device security and performance.

Where the concern of non-consensual Windows Insider updates comes, it is found that this update does not inform the user and does not require user approval to be carried out. This was noted by Barb Bowman as she highlighted it in a tweet saying that the updates are being tested on Insider Surface devices without her consent.

The driver and firmware updates released for the Surface pen’s performance are specific to the 2017 model of the Microsoft Surface Pro. The specific models addressed are the Wi-Fi model: 1796 and the LTE model: 1807. The devices need to be running the Windows 10 Creators Update build 1703 or above to receive and install the released update.

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Surface Pro 2017 Update improves Pen Performance without Consent on Insider Devices

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