Surface Laptop 2: Microsoft Needs To Investigate The Screen Discoloration Claims

Microsoft Surface devices were known to be a reliable product in the industry. However, with the release of Surface Pro 4, the quality of the Surface series was called into question. People ran into a series of weird hardware issues.

Notably, Surface Pro 4 users had to wait for a long time for an official acknowledgment and replacements. Now, Surface Laptop 2 users are complaining about the yellow burn marks on the edges of the screen for no reason. Someone discussed the issue in detail on the Microsoft Answers forum.

The OP first noticed a strange defect that caused the screen to turn yellow significantly around the edges. Surprisingly, the yellow signs seem to be burn marks on the PC’s screen. The OP thought that it’s a hardware problem rather than not a generic issue with the Surface Laptop 2 range.

Later on, the OP observed the same defect on a new machine that was only used for a few months. But the yellow marks were even worse this time. The Surface user presumed that there could be two reasons behind this issue.

Does Microsoft Plan To Offer A Replacement This Time?

It could either be caused due to the failure of the laptop’s built-in fan or the battery is placed right behind the screen. According to the forum reports, the burn marks appear on the corners of the screen.

A large number of complaints [1, 2, 3, 4] from the Surface users concerning the discoloration of the screen indicate that its a problem at Microsoft’s end. Although the screen replacement is not covered under the warranty of the device, so it remains to be seen how Microsoft is going to deal with it.

Like always, Microsoft might wait for a few more months before it realizes that it could be a production-quality flaw. A company spokesperson stated:

Thanks for reaching Microsoft Community and posting your concern. We are sorry to learn about your Surface Laptop 2’s screen discoloration. This is not the experience that we want you to have. We’re here to direct you to the proper team that handles this.

However, the replacement policy of Microsoft for Surface devices is not clear yet. The Microsoft Agent advised the user to contact Microsoft Support for replacement options.

Have you noticed the discoloration problem with your Surface machine? Let us know in the comments section below.


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