Surface Edition Of Ryzen Processor Is Actually The Ryzen 7 3780U With A Top Of The Line Integrated GPU

Microsoft announced the latest iteration of surface devices today at the Surface event. The smaller 13-inch model seems to be the replica of its predecessor from outside. The only significant difference other than Intel’s 10th Gen processors is the use of USB 3.1. The new 15-inch model comes with enhanced bells and whistles, according to Microsoft. They argued that people who are going to buy the 15-inch model need more graphical horsepower and Intel’s integrated graphics might not be handle such workload. That is why Microsoft went with a custom AMD processor. Microsoft did not specify the configuration of the processor they used in the event.

Ryzen 7 3780U

AMD has designed a new processor specifically for the new Surface laptops. Thechip is called AMD Ryzen 3780U. It is based on the Zen+ architecture and will be the first AMD processor to be in an ultrabook. Previously Intel’s U and Y processors were ruling the ultrabook market. The new contender from AMD is sure to make the market more attractive. It should be noted the Ryzen 3780U is fine-tuned explicitly for the surface laptops.

AMD Ryzen 7 3780U

According to AMD, the chip is rated at a 15 Watt TDP and is capable of running at 4GHz. The chip is optimized for the user’s workload with algorithms programmed to increase the efficiency of the processor. The algorithms will also work to balance the performance and efficiency of the processor.

According to Wccftech, the main reason behind the use of an AMD processor is the increased GPU power. It has 11 compute units which are higher than any other APU based on the Zen+ architecture. The GPU is capable of producing 1.2 TFLOPS of compute performance which is higher than the Ryzen 3300U processor (Vega 6).

Microsoft claims that the Surface laptop is capable of outperforming a similar MacBook pro by at least 70%. The new GPU is designed to withstand heavy loads, especially ML workloads.

Finally, AMD claimed that the chip scores 5124 and 1126.5 in 3DMark11 Performance and 3D Mark Timespy benchmarks.


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Surface Edition Of Ryzen Processor Is Actually The Ryzen 7 3780U With A Top Of The Line Integrated GPU

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