Microsoft Confirms Surface Earbuds Sound Issue is A Universal Problem & A Replacement Won’t Help

Earlier this week, we reported that numerous Surface Earbuds users are currently complaining about persistent sound issues with their new devices. According to the reports on Microsoft Community forums, the persistent hissing sound can be heard when users play audio on Surface Earbuds.

Unfortunately, the weird sound issues are still plaguing hundreds of people, and users continue to complain about this problem on Microsoft Answers and Reddit forums. Although Microsoft has not issued an official statement on this matter, the OP has apparently received a response from the Microsoft Customer Service.

There’s No Fix For Surface Earbud Sound Issues?

The CS representative stated that this is expected behavior and the noise issues can’t be fixed in any way. Moreover, the hissing sound which is followed by low volume clicks is basically caused when the amplifier is turned off:

I hope this message finds you well. Finally, I received an update from the best Microsoft Engineers. We confirmed that When audio is stopped you will hear 1-2 seconds of white noise followed by a low volume clicking noise. This occurs as the amplifier built into Surface Earbuds turns off. This does not affect the functionality of your Surface Earbuds and is expected. Replacement won’t help either because this symptom will occur on all Earbuds,” the Microsoft Customer Service representative said.

By the look of things, it is a design issue and can’t be easily fixed by a firmware update. While Microsoft claims that it doesn’t affect the normal functionality of the device, the reports indicate that it is a persistent issue while playing audio on a wide range of devices. According to some Surface Earbuds users, apparently Microsoft was aware of the problem and the Redmond giant has deliberately shipped the device without a fix.

Given that the wireless earbuds industry is a  very competitive market, a sound related issue with Surface Earbuds is not a good sign especially during the early days of a product’s life cycle. Microsoft needs to address this problem before it puts off potential buyers.


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