Support For Radeon VII Inbound as AMD Plans to Bring Radeon Pro Software Support

AMD’s Radeon VII received a lot of harsh criticism from reviewers. Many reviewers struggled to put the card’s sheer compute power to the test. For some, the card would cause games to crash during testing and for others, the problems were much deeper. Some reviewers even had to re-install Windows after the card would glitch out the Radeon Adrenaline software and would then not launch at all. AMD understood the injustice they were doing by their own card. They proved that with their latest Radeon Pro Software that they are claiming to be “the industry’s most stable driver.” The software hopes to solve all the issues that the reviewers experienced while they were testing AMD’s 7nm monster.

What Radeon Pro Changes

Software Suite Comparison Source – Wccftech

Radeon Pro fixes the most common issue experienced first: stability. With this driver, users should no longer experience crashing as they did on the normal adrenaline drivers. Reviewers have tested the driver in titles like Far Cry 4 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and did not have anything to report except for smooth sailing.

Furthermore, the driver aims to better manipulate the 7nm chipset of the card. To sweeten the pot, AMD has also added Radeon Pro Image Boost technology in the driver. This boosts image quality and gives it better colors, a useful feature for content creators and image editors.

The card no longer crashes it’s own software and neither does it put its users in a position where they need to completely re-install windows. Furthermore, the card received a BIOS update to ensure that the card behaves and complies with the new software.

What’s More To Come

It seems that AMD took the criticisms they received from reviewers quite seriously. That is always an excellent thing for hardware manufacturers to do. It means that AMD is looking at what the consumer wants, needs, and demands from their products. Furthermore, they use that data to polish the support they currently have so that it makes the hardware absolutely soar. JayzTwoCents told that with a change of drivers he managed to reduce temperatures by a significant margin on the Radeon 7. With that in mind, Radeon 7 may be in for newer drivers that address the cooling issues it is having out of the box. Only time will tell.

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Support For Radeon VII Inbound as AMD Plans to Bring Radeon Pro Software Support

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