Super Meat Boy now has a Physical Card Game called Rival Rush

Everyone’s favorite gorey platformer Super Meat Boy now has a playable physical card game. Originally released in 2010, Super Meat Boy quickly became one of the most popular platformers, and for good reason. Earlier this week, the card game Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush was unveiled and showed off at PAX West.

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush

This one versus one card game features popular characters from the original video game, such as Dr. Fetus, Bandage Girl and more. Check out the official how-to video to learn the basics of Rival Rush:

Rival Rush consists of starter decks which include a total of 36 cards. Players may create a deck of 20 cards, of which 8 are basic action cards, 4 unique fancy action cards, 4 skill cards, and 4 disrupt cards. While players can use the basic action cards to attack their opponent and move their character, the skills and disrupt cards introduce a whole new dynamic. By playing a skill card, players can perform actions that benefit themselves, such as adding a card to your hand from your own deck. On the other hand, disrupt cards can be played to hurt your opponent, for example forcing them to discard a card from their hand.

“There’s a special place in our hearts for CCGs, so it’s been an absolute RUSH to put the Meat Boy Cinematic Universe into a card game,” said lead designer Kyle Pulver. “Rival Rush is our chance to really put Meat Boy in your hands without getting blood everywhere.”

Each level in Rival Rush is made of 8 segment cards, 4 coming from each player. The game is then played phase by phase through 5 phases: update, draw, ready, rush and end, until a winner is crowned. Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is available on The Yetee for $9.99. To learn more details about the card game, check out the official Rival Rush website.

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Super Meat Boy now has a Physical Card Game called Rival Rush

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